Apple has unveiled the spectacular achievements of Siri

By | 10.12.2018

Apple spoke about the achievements of Siri

Siri – the smart assistant Apple is more than 500 million people worldwide. This interesting statistics were given by the company in the last press release related to the issuance HomePod – smart dynamics.

Why is this information important? Its importance: the last time the statistics on Siri Cupertinos provided at WWDC 2017 seven months ago. Then, according to them, the voice assistant was used by approximately 375 million people. A little more than six months, this number increased by 25% – an impressive result, which could indicate the vector of development of the Corporation in the coming years.

Apple рассказала о впечатляющих достижениях Siri

This increase in popularity is associated with adding new features to Siri, like voice activation, machine learning, which allows us to provide more relevant recommendations.

In the future Apple will implement Siri into the HomePod. The voice assistant will be the «brain» of the entire system.

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