Apple did not notice the bug in iOS 11

By | 10.12.2018

Apple did not notice the bug in iOS 11, which appeared in the iPhone commercial X

Apple has a lot of problems with iOS 11. Not so long ago the new system has caused problems with the batteries in older models of the iPhone. Also keep appearing new bugs reported by users. Them so much that they even appear in the new ad for the iPhone X.

The model X, as you probably already know, has an interesting new feature – Face ID. It allows you to unlock the smartphone using only our face. Apple did the advertising, which demonstrates exactly this element. And although it is very interesting, draws attention to another element. At the end of the movie, the heroine receives a text message that appears on the lock screen.

Apple не заметила ошибку в iOS 11

Apple tries to fix bugs in iOS 11.

We also recall that the giant from Cupertino is trying to fix all the bugs, releasing regular updates. It was already reported that there was an iOS version 11.3 beta 6.

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