Appeared problems after software installation

By | 10.12.2018

Had problems after installing software

The reason

After installing any utility, driver or other program, You can run into problems:

1. Conflict with other software installed on the computer.

2. The problem with the program.

3. Improper installation or problems with installation.

The decision

Reinstall or uninstall

If you experience problems with your computer or other programs after installing new software, uninstall the program and see whether the problem still occurs.

After the program is uninstalled, install it again.

Note: If after installation You cannot boot to Windows, try booting in safe mode.

Check out the new version of the program

If You continue to experience difficulties with the program, check out the new version of the software on the official website of the manufacturer of the program.

If You are installing the printer driver, it is best to go to the printer manufacturer’s website and download from there the latest drivers for this printer model.

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