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By | 10.12.2018

Antivirus Avira AntiVir: the main advantages of the program

Every year more and more important the security of your computer. Surf the Internet without having antivirus, risky and reckless. Every computer user is faced with the choice of the desired program to protect their information. Antivirus software is becoming more and make the choice more difficult.

In this article will be considered one of the best representatives of programs-antivirus programs – Avira AntiVir. What is it good for? What sets it apart from many competitors?

The company developing this antivirus has long been involved in information security and has achieved great success. In all tests, Avira AntiVir shows excellent results, becoming one of the leaders in the number of detected viruses. Another important factor in favor of Avira Antivir is its accessibility. There are three versions: Personal, Premium and Premium Security Suite. The Personal version is completely free, which is rare for antivirus top-level.

Антивирус Avira AntiVir

Anyone can download it from the official website of Avira and ensure the quality of the program.

By purchasing the Premium version, you in addition to the standard functionality, get a mail check on viruses, protection against malicious websites and more rapid renewal of the program. Premium Security Suite gives you maximum protection and functionality: FireWall, AntiSpam, parental control, game mode.

For many users it is also important that the antivirus Avira AntiVir consumes little computer resources, not slows down his work. The program has a stylish and user-friendly interface with lots of settings. Recently, the program is fully translated into Russian language.

If you don’t know what program to protect your PC, choose Avira AntiVir and not go wrong. Powerful protection, a constantly updated database of viruses, lots of settings, easy interface, free version – all these qualities make this antivirus one of the best on the market.

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