Android important part of the future Microsoft

By | 10.12.2018

Android is an important part of the future of Microsoft

Contrary to what the latest smartphone from the software giant is running Android, Google will not get a penny

This is a serious blow to Google the day before the start of developer conference Google I/O in San Francisco, Microsoft has unveiled its new smartphone. It works with Android, are completely free services from Google, which the search giant receives the money; and as the default browser selected Opera. Thus, Microsoft was the next big company after Amazon, which uses Android, allowing Google to charge a fee for it.

It all started as an experiment to Nokia, and now it is a major project for Microsoft, which shows the dynamics. Nokia/ Microsoft X2 is a smartphone middle class, which was originally designed to rapidly developing markets such as Russia, China and India. The operating system the device uses a heavily modified version of Android, which was cut all the apps from Google – Chrome, Maps, Play, Gmail, etc.

Nokia X2 features 4.3-inch display, dual-core processor, 1 GB RAM, 4 GB internal memory, dual cameras and support for two SIM-cards. This product is targeted primarily at those who are just going to open yourself up to the possibilities of «smart phones». Its price will be 99 euros, excluding taxes and other fees.

The announcement of the device showed that times are changing, and quite dramatically. In 2001, the software giant from Redmond fiercely fought with competitors and carried out a strong lobbying in Washington. All software is open source like Linux operating system, which eventually happened and Android mobile platform, was declared a sworn enemy of the American way of life, the destroyer of the economy and democracy.

«I can’t imagine what could be worse for the software industry than the open source code,» said the then head of Department of operating systems at Microsoft and continued: «I’m an American, I believe in the American way of life. I am concerned that the policy encourages this. I think we have done too little to explain the danger the lawmakers». And then, the then CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer identified open-source word «cancer.»

All this is history. New CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella’s name and its priority online services including OneDrive, Outlook, Office365 and Skype. And regardless of what Microsoft has its own mobile OS, the company’s strategy includes and Android. Even Stephen Elop, former Nokia CEO and now chief strategist of hardware business for Microsoft, said in an interview: «Those who want to reach the next billion users in the smartphone industry, have to rely on Android».

Mobile platform Google dominates the market globally, especially in rapidly emerging markets such as China, India or Russia. Both predecessor X2 – X and XL have already become bestsellers in Russia, said the representative of Nokia without mentioning the exact figures on sales.

Of course, every manufacturer of smartphones with Android wants to break the shackles of restrictions of the Internet giant. However, those who remove apps from Google from their devices, have no access to the official app store and cannot use a certain set of APIs that are as easy to install proprietary Google services.

But Amazon, with their recently introduced tablet and smartphone, and took the trouble to do everything yourself – its app store, mail, etc. acts in the Same way Xiaomi, the fastest growing smartphone manufacturer in China, which is already ahead of Apple in home market.

Today, Samsung supplies almost 40% of all Android devices, but the company’s relationship with Google can be described as «love and hate». The Koreans who will probably have to engage in the business of services erroneously believed that they can maintain their profits in the mobile business, which, according to the latest data, generates about 75% of the total income of the company. Thus, they refused to fight Google over the mobile ecosystem. This, however, was clearly a mistake, and interest in Samsung smartphones with Android began to fall. Regardless of whether it was pure luck or strategy – Google has won a crushing victory over Samsung.

However, Nadella is unlikely to happen to Microsoft. According to estimates, currently, about 25% of all Android smartphones sold worldwide are running so-called «forks», i.e., a dissimilar version of Android without Google services. And Microsoft will do everything to ensure that this share will increase.

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