And then the problems with bad by Yandex will not

By | 06.04.2016

Instead epigraph …. 6 years ago, a Russian search engine was the media sponsor of the Moscow International Advertising Festival. And the system representatives insisted that they do not like the company logo will be placed next to too provocative symbol of the festival and will be black and white instead of color. Of course, no one came to mind to yield to their demands, the logo was placed where he was supposed to and in a common format for all participants.
In recent years, many accused of Yandex in all mortal sins. Indeed, the behavior is much like Yandex, Rambler behavior a few years ago, flying sites in the ban, and administrators Yandex not consider it necessary to answer the questions of administrators and optimizers on the causes. More precisely meet — say do good sites and replenish its quality content and you will be happy!
Understand Yandex possible — the struggle for quality sites to find the idea of the good, for anyone no secret that the internet is a lot of sites with a disgusting content not less repulsive design, such websites have many, but there is a caveat … if that’s such a hideous site in the Yandex direct, the miracle search engine Yandex, he does not seem so ugly.
Or a miracle more … site with unique content (eg, the site of the wedding theme, in preparation advice but with the idea of a somewhat different and at the same time the text for each page specifically written, literary language, without error, without the desire to get into the search leader and, accordingly, no spam and actually without optimization, but with good design. and this site got to ban Yandex immediately ., not having lived two days All correspondence with the administrator Yandex resembled wedding night with sklerotik Why banned -. need a design and content, so it is — already, call the cause. Again 25. As a result, it was necessary to register a new name. And the site was in the Yandex search, with many requests for the first positions. Between these two sites was one difference: in the first version of the code was a runner, and the second code Runner removed. Experiment was spent for a certain number of time and money, and the situation was repeated one to one. That is Yandex behaves like a dog in the manger. Although now Yandex generously allowed to post Direct’s code with code Runner. That is a step towards the sites that are already in the directives.

I think the majority of admins have similar stories about Yandex, great and terrible.
But on the other hand Yandex has the right to choose their own company policy and with its charter in another monastery do not go. By the way is there to mention one interesting feature of search engine Yandex — Yandex to the activities you can pick up a huge number of proverbs and sayings, aphorisms, and of phraseology, simply, bright figurative comparisons. Now Yandex has the right and is actively those whose work to promote and optimize. But on the other hand it is demand creates supply. One day someone came to mind to say that the search engine Yandex, Rambler and others better believe it. They believed once and for all. And now we are actively criticize Yandex for his tyranny. As mentioned at the beginning of my story, a kind of search engine really is prone to megalomania, most likely it is the basic principle of recruitment. But even the most desperate form of any breach of conduct is born where these deviations, if not encouraged, and tolerated. Well bitch wife, but well prepared, well drinks husband, but he is, well, it steals my child, but do not come across …. In short, God suffered and told us. And we suffer, making the site, we do it for Yandex, which has a telling themselves and customers a wonderful system — Yandex and how important it move. And we make for yourself an idol, is now struggling and suffering with him, that the defeat can not. But what prevents one day say to yourself and to your client, and we do not need Yandex, today working on the other search engines, or better yet, on the little bit of everything. And then the search engines will not be able to impose you how to make websites. And let the audience in Yandex and a half million people a day, if we are talking about the site of one of the company — why you need one and a half million? I wonder which one of you is not just promoting sites in Yandex, and takes into account all the characteristics of the audience? And who of you is able to promote your site in a way that does not come easy for the keywords and the right people (ie, people who end up spending the money, and not just read)? Of course, if you earn money on the traffic as such — the audience is needed, but that it can be assembled from several sites, and let the search engines are gaining the attention of administrators of the site, and not vice versa. Given that many of them have their own contextual advertising system, they are less dependent on how they will present the system administrators. By the way with our clients we work by such principle, as a result of customers go to the different search engines, including those with Yandex. But those who come to the site with Yandex, call less than came, for example, with Rambler. That is, for those who work directly with companies chasing trafom Yandex makes no sense. Maybe it makes sense to study advertising and marketing as a science, or just really look at things and stop hang noodles on the ears of customers, how difficult it is to promote their website in 10 Yandex, and how they need them. Money can be taken from the customer directly for the work not being covered by Yandex and other search engines. And then the problems with bad by Yandex will not.

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