an Updated version of the folding keyboard, the Keyboard from LG

By | 10.12.2018

An updated version of the folding keyboard, the Keyboard from LG

LG is not afraid to experiment with the design of its products, ranging from modular smartphone model LGG5 and ending with developments in the field of accessories. Was recently presented the next version of the wireless keyboard the Keyboard that you can twist and make it more convenient for carrying.

Обновлённая версия складывающейся клавиатуры Rolly Keyboard от LG

Rolly Keyboard 2

The device was successful, and the company is ready to introduce his successor. A new image confirms the rumors about the development and release of the Keyboard 2. For the first time, the keyboard will appear in the homeland of the LG will be sold at a price of 129000 won (100 euros).

Rolly Keyboard 2

The keyboard is designed to work with smartphones and tablets. The equipment includes a built-in dock for mobile devices, but unlike its predecessor, the keyboard is 5 rows of keys instead of 4. Worth noting is the support and simultaneous connection up to 3 devices instead of two.

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