an overview of the programs that we need for the computer

By | 10.12.2018

An overview of the programs that are needed for operation of computer

A standard installation of Windows provides a set of some programs, but, to put it mildly, for normal user functionality is insufficient. In this connection it is necessary to replace them with better. If you wish, you can Supplement the missing software software. It will significantly extend or improve the functionality of your personal computer.


Install fresh anti-virus required, too, as it protects your computer from unwanted software and hacker attacks. It is not recommended to install multiple antivirus as this could lead to conflict and will significantly slow down the computer.Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера

Perhaps the antivirus is the only thing best buy and be sure that your data is safe. The most common antiviruses in Russia: DrWeb, Kaspersky Antivirus and NOD32.

Of free good AVG, Avast and Comodo Antivirus. Putting free antivirus, is required periodically to scan your whole computer free utility DrWeb CureIt!

Avast Antivirus

Avast the popular free antivirus designed for use on personal computers. Users using avast! Free Antivirus, fully protected against viruses and spyware in real-time. In addition, the antivirus has some other useful tools for computer security.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера

Nod 32

Fine provides a stable and timely protection of the personal computer. Advanced detection methods used by antivirus to protect against potential threats in the future.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

A good solution to protect your PC from malware and spyware software — Kaspersky anti-virus. It guarantees the most reliable protection from the main types of viruses, and excels as with detection of known viruses, and new.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера

Kaspersky anti-virus provides a high level of data protection with minimal impact on the speed of your computer.


DirectX is a set of multimedia interfaces and libraries designed to implement three-dimensional graphics, video and audio.

DirectX is included with Windows. Each game or multimedia application that requires DirectX, and, as a rule, the most recent version, therefore it is better to update it to the latest version.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера

Adobe Flash Player

Indispensable free app for travel on the Internet, like watching videos online on popular sites like YouTube, Vkontakte and many others, the technology used is Flash animation, will be impossible without the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

What program is needed to view the video on the computer

Windows offers the default «Windows Media Player». The player’s interface leaves much to be desired, for normal movies you need to install a bunch of codecs.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера

In this regard, replacing the standard Windows Media Player is quite obvious. As developers may try, but are unable to optimally together and a video and audio player. For these purposes it is better to use separate programs.

Player KMPlayer

The best choice is KMPlayer, because it contains all the major codecs. After the installation KMPlayer is even a built-in Windows media player can play all formats. This player has a great customizable interface and adequate speed.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера


For the best surfing the Internet, it is advisable to install one of the alternative browsers.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера

In Russia especially popular free:

  • Opera;
  • Mozilla FireFox;
  • Google Chrome.


Opera is a compact, decent download speed, versatility, large choice of settings and excellent functionality. With these advantages, Opera can provide the most effective work with the computer.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most advanced WEB browsers. He has a lot of advantages and from the beginning makes a very pleasant impression.

A simple and uncluttered interface helps you to learn Mozilla Firefox for a short period of time. Guaranteed security, scalability and flexibility are the main qualities that the browser has become so popular.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера

Google Chrome

The main advantage of this browser is simple and user-friendly interface. Another important feature is that the highest speed and reliability. Because of this it is quite fast to load pages and download files.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера


Instant messengers — instant messaging via the Internet in real time. It is possible to transmit text, sound, video, and images. Such applications are applicable for communication in teleconference.


One of the most popular apps for free calls over the Internet worldwide. It is possible to work in the following modes: voice, video and chat.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера

For its functioning need a microphone, headphones (or speakers) and a web camera (for video calling). To establish the connection required proinstallirovan Skype on both workstations communicating.

The paid version allows you to make calls to phone numbers.


Common among the users of the client to communicate through the Protocol ICQ. It was created as an app for text messaging, but the new version of ICQ provides opportunities for a diverse exchange of information.

ICQ in its capabilities more and more like Skype. In addition to audio and video communication, it allows finding new people, reminds them of birthdays, supports sending greetings, and also allows you to send free SMS

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера


Archiver – an application that is designed to add and extract files from the archive. Data archiving is necessary to reduce the size of data that is useful for transporting and storing information.


7-Zip great free archiver. One of the main advantages 7-Zip is a handy file Manager.

There is a possibility of building-in archiver in Windows Explorer and amorepacific 7z archives. In addition, the app has great compression and supports a variety of file types.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера


Is a powerful archiver. Downloaded from the Internet applications usually zipped, using WinRar you can extract the files from the vast majority of archives.

The program is based on high-performance data compression algorithm providing the highest compression ratio.

In this application you can recover corrupted files.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера

Burning discs

DVDs are used much less frequently than a few years ago, however, the need burning still occurs from time to time.

For this purpose usually use app with great functionality Nero Burning ROM. Of free software we can recommend Infra Recorder.


Nero program to burn discs, which offers a nearly unmatched selection of options and makes burning discs as comfortable as possible.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера

As the software for burning discs, it is one of the best. Nero Burning ROM is characterized by excellent quality and high speed recording.

The trial version works for 15 days, after which it is proposed to purchase.

Infra Recorder

InfraRecorder is not inferior to commercial alternatives. The program provides a record of information on most types of drives, it supports the ability to create and record disc images, copying discs, simulating the recording. The program works with dual-layer DVDs.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера

Reading PDF and DJVU files

A significant amount of information on the Internet is stored in pdf or djvu formats. Windows operating system does not contain built-in viewers, therefore, to read data file formats, you need to install the necessary applications.

Foxit Reader

Small, fast, and feature rich PDF viewer which allows you to open, view and print any PDF file. Unlike other free ones, it allows you to create PDF files, and participate in joint review.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера

Adobe Reader

Adobe (Acrobat) Reader is a software package intended for complex work with PDF files.

The application provides the basic functions to work with PDF files, supports all features of the implementation of the latest versions of PDF (the three-dimensional image in the document).

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера

STDU Viewer

Software for viewing files in DjVu and PDF, which allows you to download the contents of the document to make an instant jump to the desired sections to create personal bookmarks in the documents.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера


WinDjView is a fast, small and powerful tool that is installed on the computer for reading books in DjVu format. It features a modern backfill interface and advanced printing features.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера

Programs for downloading files

Download Manager is a computer application that load files from the Internet. Its main tasks: protection from error download by checking file integrity, the acceleration of time downloading it.

Download Master

Download Master is a quality app to download files with the ability to integrate all the most popular browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and others. While the staff module download these browsers are replaced.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера


Used to save information from torrents. It is distinguished by compact size and simple, with decent functionality. It is almost all detailed statistics, auto start, RSS, scheduler, downloads and more.

The disadvantages include the lack of a full-fledged search torrents and player for preview.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера

Office Suite

Office packages — set of programs for work with documents on a PC. The office package to date is almost mandatory for any user.

Microsoft Office

The most popular and easy to use office Suite that includes programs to work with different types of documents. The entire line of products has simplified navigation. This package is paid, has a trial period limited to 60 days.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера


Free multi-office Suite. Ideal for home use. Consists of software for editing tables, texts, creating presentations and working with databases.


Newly installed Windows is able to reproduce only the most basic formats of video and audio files. To play other formats required the installation of one of the sets of codecs.Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера

K-Lite Codec Pack

A universal set of codecs and decoders for playback of any multimedia files to the most popular audio and video formats.

The package contains both 32 — bit and 64-bit codecs, so it can equally well be used in different versions of Windows.

The list of supported formats is impressive:

  • AVI;
  • MP4;
  • MPEG;
  • MOV;
  • FLV;
  • MP3;
  • OGM;
  • WMV;
  • 3GP, etc.

    Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера


Utilities is a computer application for decision support tasks that extend the standard capabilities of the operating system and simplifies the process of changing some settings. Most of the required tools can be found on the Internet in free access.


Useful free utility for cleaning the operating system from debris. In the course of its work, the app is looking for and removes unused files.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера

The benefits of the utility are as follows: simple, accurate, error-free operation with the registry. There is a possibility of a rollback to an earlier version of the registry.


Free application for defragmenting the hard drive, which causes an increase in its speed and service life. Unlike analogues, this application allows you to defragment not only hard drive as a whole, but specific files.

Обзор программ, что нужны для работы компьютера

The above set of software is enough to fully use all the major features of the computer that are needed to the vast majority of users at home or in the office.

You can download them from official websites or from the respective torrents.

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