an Overview of the program for remote computer access

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An overview of the program for remote computer access

Computer management at a distance significantly enhances the user experience. No need for careful data sync home and work PC, the necessary file can be downloaded remotely.

Also simplifies fault diagnosis and setting up software. The specialist can run tests and solve the problem, and not ask a lot of questions on the phone.

To check email or log ICQ, to reduce the cost of the software (installing the necessary programs on one and not multiple machines), to serve geographically remote servers – the range of problems of remote connections is large enough.

Обзор программа для удаленного доступа к компьютеру

Connection methods

Access options there are several:

  • first, the most common is the remote control, or, as it is called, «remote desktop». In this case, you see the image on his monitor, he saw him on the screen of the remote computer and can issue commands with the mouse and keyboard.
  • the second option is data exchange between your PC. In this case, the operator receives a list of files and directories that it can download, delete and edit.
  • a third option is to access peripherals such as printers or Webcams.

For remote connection, you can use as standard tools of the Windows, and specialized third-party software, paid or free.

Обзор программа для удаленного доступа к компьютеру

The easiest way to organize the connection in the presence of each PC a static IP address. If the machines of the local network have internal IP addresses, and the Internet come under one real IP, then access to them will be difficult. Difficulties will arise when using the widespread providers dynamic IP. In this case, you can use the free dyndns service or similar.

Regular tool – Remote Desktop Connection

Operating systems by Microsoft starting from Windows XP, a built-in remote connection. It is based on RDP — Remote Desktop Protocol. To enable, you must call «control Panel», there select «System», and in the window that opens, click the tab «Remote».

Обзор программа для удаленного доступа к компьютеру

In Windows 7 and above you can use a connection with authentication at the network level, selecting the appropriate item.

Обзор программа для удаленного доступа к компьютеру

There are two modes of operation:

  1. «Remote assistance». Works in all versions of the operating system. In this mode, you can see the desktop of another computer and to exchange text messages. There is also a function of «Request management». With its help you can perform actions on the desktop of the remote PC, if the operator confirms the resolution.
  2. «Desktop management». Supported operating system Windows 7 from version «Professional» (Professional). In «Basic» (Starter) and «Home» (Home Basic, Home Premium) this is not possible. You can freely operate on the connected machine, the monitor that will show the lock screen.

It should be noted that some firewalls and antivirus can interfere with the connection. In addition, the configuration of the network host must be in the «Network» or «Home network».

Video: Remote computer management

Utility remote control

For many users of standard Windows tools is insufficient. Then coming to the rescue program from third-party developers. Often they are simpler and easier to use, and the set of settings and functions is much richer.

Обзор программа для удаленного доступа к компьютеру

Remote Administrator

This program for remote access to a computer on a local network or via the Internet was developed by company Famatech in 1999, and since then has gained great popularity. The latest version of Radmin 3.5 supports Windows 8, was released on 25 December 2005 the program Consists of two parts – the client (Viewer) and server (Server).

Обзор программа для удаленного доступа к компьютеру

The first part installs on the machine specialist performs control. Second on managed PCs.

The quality of the broadcast images can be configured, ensuring reliable operation even at low connection speeds. Driver Direct Screen Transfer allows you to get information about the image directly from the OS before it gets to the memory card. Therefore, the rate of exchange in Radmin is very high.

Обзор программа для удаленного доступа к компьютеру

In programs this kind of protection from unauthorized use is key. Radmin can use Windows security and their own. All transmitted data are encrypted by AES-256. Access to the backend password protected and with a minimum of 8 characters.

Special protection does not allow to determine the password by brute force.

Has a rich set of functionality:

  1. management;
  2. observation;
  3. Telnet;
  4. file sharing;
  5. remote shutdown PC;
  6. voice and text chat;
  7. text messaging.

The disadvantage is that you cannot remotely install the server part and the fact that this software belongs to the category of shareware. After a 30-day trial period for Radmin Server installation on 1 computer, you will need to pay 1250 RUB.


The utility uses the VNC Protocol (Virtual Network Computing), hence the name. Sometimes there is the option Ultr@VNC.

As in the previous case, consists of server and client parts. Despite the many options, configure UltraVNC is a simple and often is limited to setting a password . Has the ability to completely hidden from the user operation (if he has no administrator rights).

Обзор программа для удаленного доступа к компьютеру

Advantages of the tool is its complete free and cross-platform. That is, it can connect computers with different operating systems.

An interesting feature is the ability to work without client installation. On the remote PC, it creates an HTTP server that can be accessed through any web browser. In the address bar prescribed IP address of the machine followed by a colon and the port number. After this we need to enter a username and password. The connection provides a special Java applet.

The program for remote computer access Ammyy Admin

Latest software from Ammyy Group (Ammyy Admin 3.5) was released July 3, 2014 Running in portable mode, without installation. Supported operating systems Windows and Linux. The free version has a restriction of no more than 15 hours of use per month.

Обзор программа для удаленного доступа к компьютеру

The interface is simple but functional. In the main window there are the tabs «Customer» and «Operator». The connection is established after login, using a unique for each machine identifier of 7 characters. After his instructions on the tab «Operator», you can choose the Protocol: standard RDP from Microsoft or own, the development of Ammyy Group. Then on the client machine receives a warning about the connection attempt.

Обзор программа для удаленного доступа к компьютеру

Additional features include encryption of transmitted data by AES-256 + RSA, disable if necessary, Wallpaper and graphic effects, voice chat and file Manager with ability to resume file transfer. The positive aspect is also transparency for the most popular firewalls.

Remote Desktop Protocol

RDP is used by Microsoft in their OS starting with Windows NT 4.0. The newest version number is 8.1, and was released in November 2013, Connection is made by means of standard and does not require installation of additional software.

After starting the application mstsc.exe the system will ask the IP address of the machine from which the connection is established. In the subsequent dialog box, you can choose the connection settings.

Обзор программа для удаленного доступа к компьютеру

On the tabs you can specify the resolution and color depth plug-in screen, sound mode, quality of data transmission, and basic security settings.

Обзор программа для удаленного доступа к компьютеру


Developed by German company «TeamViewer GmbH» in 2005 Is one of the most common utilities of remote access. According to the developer, installed on 15 million cars in 50 countries.

Supports all major operating systems, including Mac, Android and iOS. Can be installed in the system, or run in portable mode (in this case it works without administrator rights). The utility contains two modules, the Host and Admin for the controlled and controlling machines, respectively (TeamViewer must be running on both).

Обзор программа для удаленного доступа к компьютеру

For connection you can use the IP-address and 9-digit ID. After selecting the connection type and click «connect to partner» you will need to enter a 4-digit password. The transmitted data is protected by AES-256 encryption and RSA-1024. You can record a session to a video file.

TeamViewer allows you to create a VPN-connection, but in the free version, the duration of this session is limited to 5 min. can Also be contacted via the web browser using Flash technology.

To voice and text communication added the option of creating conferences and group chat. There is a special list of «Computers and contacts» and the ability to monitor network status. To summarize, we can say that TeamViewer is a universal tool remote control.

Supremo Remote Desktop

Convenient and easy portable tool. Works without installation, host, and client are downloaded from the developer’s site.

Обзор программа для удаленного доступа к компьютеру

The connection is by ID and password generated at the beginning of the session. Upon entering the requested authorization. The communication is encrypted over HTTPS (SSL). Host addresses you can select from the address book, list of active connections displayed in the «Connections».

It is also possible to connect multiple users to one PC and share files. Multimedia functions are not provided.


Is in beta-testing. The latest released version of AeroAdmin 3.0 Beta

Small (capacity of 1.5 MB), the program runs without installation and configuration. Opportunities little inferior to the popular tools (such as TeamViewer), completely free for both home and commercial use. The drawback is the almost complete lack of advanced settings.

Of course, considered only a small part of the software for remote control of computers. But among the presented programs, even for the most picky user can choose the desired tool.

Обзор программа для удаленного доступа к компьютеру

The article describes the most common applications for remote access to your computer. The short characteristics, advantages and disadvantages as a regular means Windows and software remote control from a third party.

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