an Amazing concept, the start menu to Windows 8.2

By | 11.12.2018

An amazing concept, the start menu to Windows 8.2

Jay Machalani, 20-year-old designer who loves Windows 8. Like many users, he is confident that the operating system is moving in the right direction, but believes that the current UI design required additional revisions. So he spent about three months trying to find the optimal solution which would allow you to do the Metro UI and the desktop a little closer to each other.

As a result, it turned out an amazing concept that Microsoft may be planning to add in Windows 8.2. It is worth noting that J. started work on his concept long before the first rumors about Windows 8.2.

Удивительный концепт меню «Пуск» для Windows 8.2 Удивительный концепт меню «Пуск» для Windows 8.2 Удивительный концепт меню «Пуск» для Windows 8.2

The video that Jay posted a video on YouTube that demonstrates the concept of «start menu», created on the basis of the flat Metro design. His vision of the «start menu» shows that live tiles can exist not only on the home screen, but in desktop environment. Conceptually, the start menu can work in vertical or horizontal orientations, and includes the items to complete the work and open the settings of your operating system.

However, this young designer has not stopped. On believes that some changes need to be made and on the desktop to match the Metro philosophy. In the result of the icons and the whole UI got a flat design.

If you want to get more information about the concept of Jay, visit his personal website.

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