an Alternative way to upgrade to Windows 10 using the Media Creation

By | 10.12.2018

An alternative way to upgrade to Windows 10 using the Media Creation

Upgrade to released July 29, the official version of Windows 10 is performed through the standard Windows Updаte, but if you have a problem, for example, the update packages are not downloaded or during installation, you receive the error, you can use a specialized utility on the Windows 10 Media Creation.

This utility from Microsoft is an alternative tool for updating Windows 7 or 8.1 before the tenth version of the system, as well as to create a bootable ISO image, which you can upgrade or completely reinstall Windows. Utility Windows 10 Media Creation available for free download from the official website.

Immediately after starting the program you will be prompted to choose one of two actions: start the upgrade now or to create installation media. If you stay on the second option, which we have already examined in detail, consistently you will need to select the system language, edition, bitness, and the actual medium on which are recorded files. If it’s hard disk, the utility will create the ISO if the flash drive, then it will make it bootable.

Альтернативный способ обновления до Windows 10 с помощью Media Creation

Note: if you select the flash drive all the files will be destroyed.

Procedure for direct update differs slightly, but in General this is no big deal. The wizard will offer you three options:

  • Keep personal files, apps and Windows settings.
  • To keep only my personal data.
  • Keep nothing.

Альтернативный способ обновления до Windows 10 с помощью Media Creation

Prefer the first – the upgrade will only affect the system files and settings and installed applications will be preserved, with the exception of Windows Media Center and OneDrive (Win 8.1), desktop widgets and standard games (Win 7). Choose the second all programs will be deleted and settings are taken from the installed system. Decide to choose the third – removed all data, and you get a completely clean system.

Things to remember when working with the Media Creation

To create an ISO image or install drive activation is not required, as you will not need it with the upgrade license of Windows 7 or 8.1. Don’t need activation key when you reinstall Windows 10 provided that earlier «ten» you got through the updates activated Windows 7 or 8.1 as a free update. The activation key will be required only if you are installing Windows 10 from a bootable disk.

Media Creation:

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