All Lumia smartphones will get upgrade to Windows 10 for phones

By | 10.12.2018

All Lumia smartphones will get upgrade to Windows 10 for phones

Все смартфоны Lumia получат обновление до Windows 10 для телефонов

A few years ago, Microsoft has caused serious frustration among many users when it was announced that the smartphones with Windows Phone 7 will not receive an upgrade to a new WP8. The reason in this case was connected not with their equipment, but rather with the software itself (or simply the reluctance of companies to release such an update), but in any case, this adversely affected the popularity of the mobile platform in the market and reputation of Microsoft.

The company obviously does not intend to repeat that mistake, as evidenced by the tweet about the future plans of Microsoft in this segment.

The software giant confirmed that all devices with Windows Phone 8 (at least Lumia models, of which the majority) will be updated to the next major version of the mobile platform: Windows 10. Recall that the mobile version of this operating system will debut on the market next year. And the fact that all Lumia models will receive this update is very good news for users who already own or only show interest in the models in this series.

Lumia 535 is the first smartphone from Microsoft that is focused on the lower price segment, but many analysts predict that soon we will see a flagship from the company.

The mobile version of Windows 10 will undoubtedly be key in the company’s presence in the global smartphone market. However, we need to be little patience to find out more information about the possibilities and timing of the premiere platform.

@Kalars07 We plan to upgrade all Windows Phone 8 devices to Windows 10 in the future ?

— Lumia (@lumia) November 13, 2014

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