All devices with Windows Phone 8 support upgrade to WP8.1? Yes, says Microsoft

By | 10.12.2018

All devices with Windows Phone 8 support upgrade to WP8.1? Yes, says Microsoft

Все устройства с Windows Phone 8 поддерживают обновление до WP8.1? Да, говорит Microsoft

If you are worried that the fate of the unfortunate Windows Phone 7 will suffer and the current version of the mobile platform – relax. Microsoft has officially confirmed that the smartphones with Windows Phone 8 support upgrades and will be upgraded to the next version of the operating system.

Good news came from the PR Manager of Windows Phone Greg Sullivan, who confirmed that the situation with WP7 will not be repeated, as WP8 is a much more powerful platform, and will not have problems updating to the next version.

Policy of Microsoft for software updates guarantees support for a period of 36 months, said Sullivan, but we have yet to find out whether you already purchased smartphones with Windows Phone 8 will receive updates for 3 years. So far, so good, and Nokia started updating Lumia series to the most current to date version of the software, which includes branded add-ons from the Finns.

Let me remind you that Google the software support period is 18 months – this is one of the excuses why the Galaxy Nexus didn’t got KitKat.

In Windows Phone 8.1 are expected to be major innovations, so that was a huge disappointment for all current platform users, if their devices have left without updates.

It is expected that Windows Phone 8.1 Blue will be presented in the spring of 2014, probably in early April during the BUILD conference. The new version will include voice assistant, a tape with notifications, improvements in Skype and stuff.

: Computerworld

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