All about Windows 8: advantages and disadvantages not all

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 8: advantages and disadvantages

The infamous operating system Windows 8 has made a real revolution in the field of user interfaces of almost all types of software. After updating one of my constantly used programs, users surprised to find another developer fell victim to the enduring charm of this diabolical METRO Flat UI.

The author of the computer portal TechTarget Gary Olsen, in his review wrote: “If not tile METRO user interface, we would have left almost no one claims to Windows 8”.

It’s hard to test, but even a community of free developers and programmers Mozilla Firefox also could not resist the charms of the plane. It’s hard to say how much easier. But the fact may be considered accomplished. The Era Of Flat Interfaces. And the impetus was given it by Eight.

Why METRO is causing this irritation, in particular of our clients Windows XP? As told to dunno from the Flower of the city: “You just haven’t grown up flat interfaces”. Or you do not have a tablet based on the Windows Mobile platform.

It is understandable, why don’t you have mobile computer from Windows – these pills are almost a thousand dollars more than closest relatives from other manufacturers, especially budget Android.

Nevertheless, if you want to get full satisfaction and increasing productivity using Windows 8, you can not do without mobile devices on the same platform.

Why would anyone need Windows 8

Windows 8 is quite like operating system with a strong business orientation. Travelling businessmen and sales representatives never carry a fixed system blocks, even a laptop is a serious inconvenience of frequent trips.

But the tablet computer will not even need to be removed from hand Luggage during air travel. You still need Pristina convenient keyboard for your tablet. And then you almost have in your briefcase a portable office with all amenities and a full set of working tools.

– Windows 8 mobile office to work remotely

In his pocket Wasmerely tablet, you get immediate access to the head office of your company headquarters and have all these invoices and price-lists directly on the touch screen of the tablet.

Want to print? Yes please – connect your tablet to the printer in the office of a business partner or client and print any documents that you just received from your supervisor, in his office thousands of miles away.

The main advantage of Windows 8, you don’t need to appear on the carpet in the boss’s office. It is always so unnerving. Save your nerve cells with the help of the Windows 8 operating system. Agree, a considerable bonus in exchange for unusually flat interface.

The key word is unusual. But if unfamiliar, you just need to get used to. In this pros saw a lack of Eight – will have to spend time and money retraining non-technical staff to work on computers with Windows 8. It is anticipated a temporary decline in productivity.

Only here ruthless marketers Microsoft anyone left out. Eight is practically marketing the ultimatum to the entire global market the Windows OS.

  • Windows XP support has ended.
  • Support for Windows 7 is discontinued.

Security issues Windows 8

What is the operating system that is not supported by the developer? This lack of updates. But the lack of updates means vulnerabilities. Hackers very convenient to pick up the keys and look for vulnerabilities in the system that never changes. Unlimited time to find the security holes.

Windows 8 has in its package preinstalled anti-virus protection and very good. For a start you don’t even have to spend money to buy a license for professional Kaspersky anti-virus. By the way, anti-virus protection for Eight created with the support of Kaspersky lab.

Installation and migration of Windows 8

Active users of Windows XP still shudder to recall those notorious three hours installing the operating system. Before the end of the deadline for submission of a work order to the client there are only five hours, and then suddenly the RAM was having a brain fart and flew off. Remains nothing how to get hidden in a secret place the boot disk and reinstall.

Three hours of suspense without any guarantee of successful completion of the process. It’s like as a soldier during the shelling. Another thing is Eight – just after 17 minutes automatic installation can begin work!

Eight starts in seconds. As fast and out of the operating mode. Now, when you are late on the train, you no longer have to dance in front of your computer waiting for Windows shutdown.

When you have part of the work for other people’s computers that constantly arises the problem of understanding the organization of another desktop. It’s not so it’s not that. Often lacking the most basic applications and need to install.

Only the owners of computers do not like when strangers something they set. This custom paranoia – and suddenly ruin my expensive computer?

In the case of the Eight problem work behind someone else’s Desk is finally solved. Just creates a virtual operating system. Virtual desktop, install all your favorite apps for productivity. Copied the whole thing onto a flash drive and all Windows 8 is always in your pocket.

It is sufficient to plug the flash drive into the USB on the guest computer, and you are back in your home office and have all their usual tools. Spend a calculation of how much you will save time that was previously spent on habituation and adaptation to the unknown desktop.

Microsoft cloud services on Windows 8

Eight required permanent access to the Internet. When you hold a computer with a touch screen, Windows 8 and an Internet connection, you can feel yourself soaring above the vanity and a kind man from the future.

Microsoft cloud services will make your work even more creative and productive. What does that mean, anyway? This means that you can earn even more. Much more than your competitors on XP and the Seven.

The Microsoft cloud delivers all of the most innovative templates of documents of MS Office to front screens of apps. Create documents for business, financial statements on the fly and in a very beautiful format.

While standing in traffic jams Trofimovich came up with the brilliant idea to sign a contract for a million? Here’s the thing – the phone battery died. No problem – comes to the aid of a tablet based on Windows 8. All services for remote work and discuss any business issues with the management and employees of your company at any distance.

There are several ways for a remote industrial communication.

  1. Using Skype video.
  2. Text chat and comments directly on the page of the Word document.
  3. Via any social network, if so you prefer.

All edits on the current document appear instantly on all connected to the project computers and your colleagues can Express their opinions and offer their own versions.

Windows 8 for accountants and financiers

If you constantly have to deal with a large number of digital data tables, analyze the dynamics of the processes of the business or stock and currency Windows 8 with Microsoft Office 2013 will become your indispensable helpers.

The new version of the tabular editing of Excel will greatly facilitate the work with data to improve conversion tables into visual charts and graphs. Instant conversion table to the graph. Automatic selection of the optimal format of the graphical representation. User to reconfigure the graphs and charts in one click. A huge number of ready-made templates for all financial-accounting-investment life.

  • Accounts of all types and purposes.
  • Invoices for any goods.
  • Reports for any reason.
  • Price lists and presentations.

Endless selection of the most relevant templates for business. Automation for filling in the forms. Merge documents using intelligent software algorithms. Your leadership will appreciate the quality and clarity of your progress reports.

Cloud backup Windows 8

Who office workers are not familiar with the appalling situation, when after three hours of painstaking editing something strange happened and almost finished the document disappeared without a trace. Trying to find automatic backups, but for some reason is also not provided.

Disaster often occur with users of Windows XP, but that can never happen with the owner of the computer on Windows 8. Every change in the working document is immediately saved in cloud storage SkyDrive.

You will never lose the fruits of your hard work. Unless a nuclear explosion happens on the Microsoft servers. The convenience of the cloud service can be extended further.

After you left the office and went to lunch in a cozy café, at the time of adoption of the dessert you are visited by the most brilliant business idea of all time. Would immediately need to fix something in the document to earn not $ 1000 and 10.000.

How can that be? Don’t be sad. Just remove from the bag tablet and open Office. How, on the tablet, no Microsoft Office? Still no reason for concern. Go to the Microsoft website and log in to your account. Now you can work in Office 360, even without having installed the package on your computer.

Open a work document immediately be exactly in the place where you stopped last time. A second of precious time will be lost. None of the brilliant creative idea will not be forgotten, while the search for the desired document.

Business advantages and benefits of Windows 8

  • Automatic backup operation to the cloud.
  • All the necessary tools for remote collaboration.
  • Continued work on current documents anywhere and from any computer.
  • Endless range of the most modern business document templates for all occasions and business.
  • Convenient tools for automation of processes of editing documents.
  • Instant the computer starts to work with the initialization of the current working document.
  • No need to have MS Office on all computers.
  • Low cost of licenses for the distribution OS Windows 8.

Finally Microsoft has managed to create a decent browser. Internet Explorer 10 is beyond praise. And that’s not all – Windows 8 is in your app bundle as much as two browsers, one for desktop, one for mobile computers.

Where to get applications for Eight? It’s even easier, now you do not need to scour the soft-portals. All apps for Windows 8 are concentrated in the app Store that is already added to the operating system.

Will get another gift from Microsoft – free update Windows to the newest version of Windows 10, the release of which is expected from day to day. Isn’t it a great idea for a business? Buy today cheaply license on Windows 8 and not pay tomorrow for Windows 10.

Bonus for the owners of pirated versions of Windows 8. You will also be able to upgrade to Windows 10 absolutely free and without unpleasant questions. However, no one will send the license is not going to. It will be an update for pirated Windows 8.

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