All about the move to 64-bit operating system

By | 09.12.2018

All about the move to 64-bit operating system

If you are going to upgrade to Windows 7, you must first decide on a version. The 64-bit version is significantly faster and allows you to use more than 4 GB of RAM. But this version has some features.

All about the move to 64-bit operating system

Let’s take a closer look at the features. For 64 bit you need a special processor. Rather it is five years ago it could be considered special. Now all multi-core CPU support this system. Well, the first 64-bit models appeared in 2003. In our time, the increased capacity to take the CPU not supporting 64 bit is not worth it.

64-bit system allows you to set an unlimited amount of RAM. More precisely — the limit is only the number of connectors in the motherboard for it. If you use 8 GB memory, 64-bit OS for the needs of the programs will stand out as much as 6.5 GB! In the conventional system is only 2.5. Such is the difference.

Всё о переходе на 64-битную операционную систему

Mind you, such technology must be maintained and software. However, the developers already released programs for 64-bit systems, especially Windows 7.

Again it is better to make sure your PC is suitable for Windows 7 with 64-bit technology. There is a simple rule: if your computer is less than three years, he copes with the new operating system. The only exceptions are netbooks, they will be only 32 bits. Well, Yes they and do not need to install a 64-bit system. If you have not new laptop, you should check the characteristics of components.

To check the supply of power Microsoft released the utility «upgrade Advisor for Windows 7». It analyzes hardware and software, installs the program compatibility and the amount of space on the hard disk and outputs the result. In case of lack of any resources to install the new system — the following items are highlighted by a warning triangle.

But this program takes into account only that you go to a 32-bit system. To check 64-bit system should contact the utility CPU-Z. Run this program and open the tab «CPU». In the «Instructions» you will see the necessary information — we are interested in the presence of marked EM64T or AMD64. If such a mark is, it means your processor is 64-bit. Also has the meaning of your motherboard. If it does not support more than 4 GB of RAM, it make sense to go to 64 bit no. To analyze the motherboard, use a utility SiSoftware Sandra Lite, it will show the maximum amount of RAM.

For this test, click on the Devices tab, and then on the «Motherboard». In the recording of «memory banks Logical/chipset» you will see the maximum amount of memory. If the value is more than 4 GB, it is suitable for 64-bit systems. True, in some cases, the manufacturer is blatantly puts a ban on additional equipment. In this case, this same program until you know the exact model and version of motherboard to find out the information on the website of the manufacturer.

Всё о переходе на 64-битную операционную систему

While searching for information on the manufacturer’s website, you can try to find an update for the BIOS. After all, it can be added new features and enhanced hardware support. Installing the update only by clicking on the Setup file, everything else is done automatically. So do not worry. All you have to do is not to turn off the computer during the upgrade.

All peripheral devices usually safely tolerate the installation of a new OS. In some cases you will need to update the driver.

To use 64-bit features of Windows 7, you need to install the 64-bit programs. But 32-bit applications more likely to work in the new OS normally. Except that the utility serving the system itself, should be the initial support for 64-bit. Well, if the app is designed only for 32-bit OS, then you can emulate a proper environment. You can use the program VirtualBox. This is a full Windows XP from starting «seven». Speed a bit lost, but it will be virtually unnoticeable.

The case of multimedia applications a special. Here it is better to install the new version. After all, various graphical editors, and especially a program for processing video data, consume a lot of RAM. And just here is the biggest benefit from switching to a 64-bit system.

Thus, we assume that the training you have completed. Now save your data on an external hard drive. A simple update of the system is impossible, because you have only a 32-bit system (This does not apply to the case, if you have 64-bit Vista). Users of XP in any case, set «seven» from scratch, another option is not here.

If some program is not installed, you can use compatibility mode. To run it click the installation file of the program in the menu «Properties | Compatibility» check the box next to «Run this program in compatibility mode for…» and select the version of Windows you were using earlier.

After installing the OS, all applications, and 64-bit drivers, you can check all the programs in 32-bit mode. To do this, go to the task Manager and click on the tab «Processors». In the column «user Name» lists all the apps. If the program is marked «*32», it means it doesn’t work with 64 bits. These programs will need to upgrade, either to emulate or to reinstall.

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