Alan Mulally of Ford will be the new CEO of Microsoft?

By | 10.12.2018

Alan Mulally of Ford will be the new CEO of Microsoft?

After an emotional farewell Steve Ballmer from Microsoft employees (see here), the question of who will stand at the helm of the company, must be solved quickly. The most likely candidate is the former head of Nokia Stephen Elop and current Ford’s chief Alan Mulally.

After the deal with Nokia, Stephen Elop with their 25 million dollars on the white horse will come back to Microsoft. Finnish media are firmly convinced that the former Director, MS Office and other software Microsoft services was sent to Nokia to destroy the company’s business and turn it into a cheap acquisition for Microsoft. However, colleagues from Unwired View gave the facts and the reasons why it’s unfounded allegations, and if you are interested you can read about it here.

The appointment of Elop as head of Microsoft seems less likely, especially when you consider the candidacy of Alan Mulally. His career is impressive – former CEO of Boeing, current CEO of Ford and close friend Steve Ballmer. For a long time Mulally was his Advisor, so he knows Microsoft.

Now MS is at a crossroads – the transition from a company specializing in software that provides software, devices and services. The transition is still ongoing and marked as a relative success (in the face of Xbox and search engine Bing), and painful failures (Surface RT, for example). But Mulally has proved that he can cope with a company that is in a difficult position because Ford was the only automaker that did not take a loan from the us government in 2008, when talking about the global financial crisis, and the company quickly rose to his feet and returned to profit.

His strategic skills will benefit Microsoft. Even Steve Ballmer himself said that Mulally «understands the fundamentals of business better than anyone.» With such recommendation he could become a favorite of the shareholders of Microsoft.

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