AGS-17 and AGS-30 — Yandex filters

AGS-17 and AGS-30 — Yandex filters

AGS-17 and AGS-30 — is the name of automatic heavy grenade launchers. AGS-30 is a new and advanced model than the AGS-17.

AGS-17 and AGS-30 - Yandex filters

AGS-17 and AGS-30 — Yandex filters

Yandex filters with the same name — is also a heavy gun that shoots for the satellites that have recently flooded the RuNet. For those who do not know satellites — sites that are created for the promotion of other websites by placing on them artificial thematic links on the main project, or to earn money by selling links on the reference markets.

Typically, these sites have a large number of pages of meaningless content is absolutely useless for visitors.

In order to avoid wasting resources on Yandex indexing of the satellites began to destroy them, and helps him in this filter AGS.

Overlay filter AGS site does not mean a ban, but a very serious blow to the site. No matter how many pages did not contain a site in the index after the imposition of Yandex AGS filter will be from one to fifteen pages. Usually it is one.

Optimizers called filter AGS waiting room, but it seems appropriate to define CHISTILSCHE whiter.

How does the filter AGS

No one really can not say that can serve as a reason for imposing the ACS. But in fact everything from selling links to bad content. The site can get under the AGS, and can return to the search, but in general it AGS — site clinical death, which can be saved from intensive resuscitation.

To get out of the ACS should be removed from the site links, but objectively speaking — completely replace the site: design, navigation, content. And it still will not guarantee the return of the site to life.

2 thoughts on “AGS-17 and AGS-30 — Yandex filters

  1. Елена

    I’m on one of my blogs Yasha threw out almost all of the pages from the search of nearly 300 left 10, to me these incidents was not there, and know of no reason not to do that. Plato wrote, but is not a greeting response.

  2. Mastak

    Now in general difficult to promote, to turn out for a long time but in the AGU fall easily, sites up to 2 years in general difficult to recoup


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