ADSL modem WI FI router — user manual

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ADSL modem WI FI router — user manual

ADSL technology is an alternative to the usual connection to the Internet via Ethernet. The main feature of this connection is the fact that the information is in an analog representation, which is then converted by the router into a digital type.

ADSL routers are available from various manufacturers, allowing you to choose the most appropriate device. For connection to a telephone line, using a «splitter», which provides the ability to split the phone line for the phone itself, and consequently on the router for adsl.

ADSL router — what is it? ADSL router is a normal router that works with ADSL networks, respectively, and has a connector for telephone cable.

Hardware installation

How does the router connect to an adsl port? First of all, to be able to use the phone and Internet you need to install a splitter that provides the user with additional line, which he will be able to connect to the router.

That is, in the slot of the splitter Line you need to insert the phone cord that enters your house, and the splitter has two line wires for telephone and the router. If the phone line is only used to connect to the Internet, then a splitter can not be used.

Setting up the PC

To configure the computer you must:

  • go to «start»;
  • select «control Panel»;
  • open «Network connections»;
  • right-click on the LAN connection;
  • choose «Properties»;
  • in the «General» tab, highlight «Internet Protocol» and click properties;
  • in order for the router was able to provide the specified or dynamic IP from your ISP, select «Obtain an IP address automatically».

Video: Configuring A Sagem Fast 2804

How to connect?

To connect the router to connect the power supply of the router and insert the power supply into the socket.

To connect router computer, use the LAN cable that usually goes to the router, in this case, you use the LAN port. In this connection to adsl modem is completed.

Setting ADSL WIFI router Rostelecom

As an example, to configure Internet connection Rostelecom selected universal ADSL WIFI router Sagem Fast 2804:

  • go to the menu of the router using the address Name/username – admin;
  • to open the «advanced settings»;
  • select «Wan service»;
  • to remove the existing connection;
  • to open the «advanced settings»;
  • select «Interface of the second level»;
  • open «Interface ATMPVC»;

    ADSL модем в режиме WI FI роутера - инструкция для пользователя

  • to remove existing settings;
  • click «Add»;
  • select «atm0» and go to the next page.
  • if you want to use the device as bridge, select «Bridge.

If you will use as a router, select PPPoE

  • in the next menu, choose the name and password provided by your ISP in the name field of the service you can enter any name;
  • you should check the «retry PPP with authentication error»;
  • if you have the «Enable NAT» and «Enable Firewall», then you should tick the box next to them;
  • in the next window, no need to make any changes;
  • in the last window you have to press «Apply/Save».

After changing settings, restart the device to apply settings to take effect.

The entry in the settings menu

Router configuration adsl performed in the same way as for Ethernet router.

To enter menu you need to:

  • to open the browser;
  • enter in the address bar or (depending on your router);
  • enter the username and password.

ADSL модем в режиме WI FI роутера - инструкция для пользователя

Firmware update

Update the router on example PA example popular router D-Link DSL — 2500U/BRU/D.

How to configure best wifi router? First, you need to reset the router:

  • go to the menu of the router using the address enter the username and password to login;
  • in the opened menu, select «Tools»;
  • open the «System»;

    ADSL модем в режиме WI FI роутера - инструкция для пользователя

  • click «Restore Default Setting»;
  • confirm the reset.

Now you can flash the router:

  • the first step that you need to perform is to download the firmware file for your router from the manufacturer’s website. It is recommended to contact the technical support for selecting the most appropriate firmware corresponding to your region;
  • go to «Tools»;
  • to open the «Firmware»;

    ADSL модем в режиме WI FI роутера - инструкция для пользователя

  • next to the «Software File name» click on the «Browse»button;
  • specify the path to the firmware;
  • confirm the update of the firmware of the router.

After the router reboots it will have the new firmware.

Setting the administrator password

Setting the administrator password as follows:

  • go to the menu of the router;
  • choose «System»;
  • open «Password»;

    ADSL модем в режиме WI FI роутера - инструкция для пользователя

    ADSL модем в режиме WI FI роутера - инструкция для пользователя

  • to enter a new password;
  • click the «Save»button.

PPPoE connection

Setup PPPoE connection for example ADSL Zyxel P660RT2 which is a powerful router for ADSL.

To connect you must do the following:

  • go to the menu of the router;
  • choose «Network»;
  • open the «WAN»;
  • the Mode to set the mode to «Routing»;
  • the parameter «Encapsulation» select «PPPoE»;

    ADSL модем в режиме WI FI роутера - инструкция для пользователя

  • for parameters «User Name» and «Password» you must specify a Username and password to connect to the Internet. This data is provided by provider;
  • in the field «Service Name» is specified, the only option if the ISP requires to do otherwise, leave it blank;
  • in the «Multiplexing» must be set to multiplexing that uses your provider;
  • in the «VPIVCI» also shows the parameters provided by the access provider to the Internet;
  • if your ISP provides a static IP to connect to the Internet, you must enter in the field «IP Address». If not, then you should select «Obtainan IP Address Automatically».

    ADSL модем в режиме WI FI роутера - инструкция для пользователя

After selecting all settings, click «Apply» to save the settings.

Wireless network

For wireless connections you need a router with wifi support.Typically, most routers is enabled by default function of distribution of Wi-Fi signal. If not you can turn on or off independently.

For routers TP-Link this function as follows:

  • log in to the web interface of the device;
  • to open the «Wireless»;

    ADSL модем в режиме WI FI роутера - инструкция для пользователя

  • mark or remove the check mark from «Enable Wireless Router Radio» for turning on and off Wi-Fi, respectively;
  • once configured click «Save».

Network protection

Wireless connection to the Internet is through a router with Wi Fi. To protect Wi-Fi network uses a password, which is set in a different type of encryption.

Interface of routers from different manufacturers has its own characteristics so the steps may be different on different stages, the principle of performing all the same.

To change wi-fi password of router TP-LINK you need:

  • go to the menu of the web interface of the device;
  • go to «Wireless»;
  • go to the tab «Wireless Security»;
  • select the encryption type «WPA/WPA2»;
  • in the Password field specify the password.
  • click Save.

ADSL модем в режиме WI FI роутера - инструкция для пользователя

It is strongly recommended to write your password down (on the back of the router.

Possible problems when setting up a WiFi router

The most common is errors associated with the parameters provided by the ISP. To avoid data errors, reconcile all the Internet settings with your ISP.

If you have any questions in setting up your device, you can also find connectivity features in the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the router. This information you can find in the kit to the device and on the website of the manufacturer.

Router ADSL into modem mode

Routers ADSL can also operate in a mode «Bridge» and «Router». If you have a router with Wi-Fi, it is strongly recommended to use only router mode. This option will allow to use the capabilities of your device.

ADSL модем в режиме WI FI роутера - инструкция для пользователя

In Bridge mode the router performs only the function of an adapter between the telephone cable and the network card slot. In router mode the device performs certain functions of a computer providing Internet access without requiring settings in your operating system.

ADLS routers represent the alternative Ethernet routers, which allows you to use the phone line for Internet connection. Most of the operations in the device configuration matches the settings of the standard «routers». Using the instructions you can easily configure the Internet connection for your device.

The main point is to connect ADSLроутера is to install a splitter for the phone and router at the same time. Included some ADSL routers manufacturers supplying this device, unfortunately, for some routers, the user needs to buy a splitter separately.

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