Adobe will contribute to the development of the Spartan browser

By | 10.12.2018

Adobe will contribute to the development browser Spartan

Microsoft will be collaborating with Adobe to improve its new web browser Project Spartan, which will be released together with Windows 10. On cooperation was announced in a MSDN blog is a complete surprise, given that until now Microsoft never relied on outside help in developing its browser (Internet Explorer).

The Web Platform team from Adobe will work towards improving the experience of using the new browser from Microsoft for optimizing the layout and graphic design. They will also provide additional tools that will enable developers to easily create compatible web solutions. All this for the benefit of end-users and the development of the Internet.

Although Adobe is mainly known for the fact that it is the developer of Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash Player, the company has made an enormous contribution to the development of web engines open-source (WebKit, Blink and Gecko).

Recently, Microsoft confirmed that it is looking for a suitable name for the new browser. The company wants to distance itself from Internet Explorer, trying to put an end to its bad reputation in the market of web browsers and start to compete on the same level as other popular browsers.

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