Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer

By | 10.12.2018

Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer

For a long time, Internet Explorer users lacked an easy to use extension designed to block annoying advertisements while users of Firefox, Chrome and Opera have enjoyed a popular addition to Adblock Plus.

In August 2013 the team behind Adblock Plus has finally released a version for IE (personally I learned this recently), which we have tried and now want to share with you our impressions. How good a job this extension? How does it feel compared to the versions available for Firefox or Chrome?

What makes Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is a browser add-on that blocks most ads on websites that you visit. Some users prefer to see ads, but most of it are annoying, so they would like it.

By itself, Adblock Plus doesn’t block ads. It uses various lists with filters to perform this task. Internet Explorer is able to work with these lists without having to install Adblock Plus, but this extension allows you to configure exceptions and gives you control over when to block ads.

Lists with filters for ads are updated regularly and are available to everyone. The default list, which uses Adblock Plus, EasyList is called. You can find it here.

Where to download Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer 11

To install Adblock Plus start the desktop version of IE and navigate to this page. Next, click on «Install for Internet Explorer», and then save and run the setup file.

Adblock Plus для Internet Explorer

To start the installation you must have administrator rights. Run the file you downloaded; choose «Yes» if prompted by user account control and click «Install».

Adblock Plus для Internet Explorer

Wait for installation to complete. The setup wizard doesn’t offer any custom options, so the process is very simple. At the end of installation click «Done».

Adblock Plus для Internet ExplorerHow to configure Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer 11

After installing Adblock Plus, you will have to restart the browser. When you restart IE, you will be prompted to enable the add-in. Click «Enable».

To configure Adblock Plus, you need to enable the status bar. By default this panel is hidden. To enable this, right-click the mouse at the top of the IE window and select «status».

Adblock Plus для Internet Explorer

Now at the bottom of the window displays a status bar. On the right of this line you will see the Adblock Plus icon. If you don’t see it, restart Internet Explorer and then it will appear.

Adblock Plus для Internet Explorer

Clicking on the icon any click opens access to a number of options:

  • «Disable» (the current site) – the work of Adblock Plus will not affect a website where you are. In other words, each time you visit this site you will see the ads placed on the pages of the website. You can disable Adblock Plus for your favorite sites if they can’t irritate a great number of ads and not place it in the way of the main content. This will help them to continue to exist and develop.
  • «Disable everywhere» – obviously, ads will be displayed on all websites, without exception.
  • «Settings» – this menu item opens a new window where you can select the list used for blocking ads and also specify the sites on which you agree to see advertising. To edit the list of sites for which the extension is disabled, you must click on the «Manage»button.

Adblock Plus для Internet Explorer

  • «Check for updates» – I assume this option requires no explanation.

So works well Adblock Plus in Internet Explorer

The extension works very well, but it does have a few drawbacks. First of all, Adblock Plus is not working in the touch version of Internet Explorer. It only works in the desktop version of the browser. The extension is great cuts all the advertising, but provides insufficient number of settings, when compared with the versions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. You can only use one of the available filter lists, and you cannot manually add your own lists. In addition, you cannot block only certain ads on the website, as allow version for other browsers. There is even the possibility to report spam advertising.

Another problem I noticed on several computers with Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11, is that from time to time the extension leads to unstable operation of the browser. The rest of the work Adblock Plus is not satisfactory.

Thus, if you are a regular user of Internet Explorer and you’re sick of the shock-advertising, be sure to use this solution to once and forever forget about annoying ads on the Internet.

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