Acer and Asus can be combined in a joint company

By | 10.12.2018

Acer and Asus can be combined in a joint company

Microsoft buys Nokia, and BlackBerry are rapidly sinking – obviously, with the tech industry something is happening, so all sorts of metamorphoses and turns no longer excluded. The following sensation may occur in Taiwan, where the two companies hinted at the unification of their business into one. We are talking about Acer and Asus.

Asus Chairman johnny Shih told China Times that they are open to the potential merger of the business with competitor Acer. According to him, the industry is going through a difficult time of transformations and radical changes, so they «opened the door» for all variants.

Commenting on the same subject, the founder of Acer Stan Shih stated that any merger parties should first consider a bargain. For this it is important that first all the decisions were the interests of all shareholders. In addition, you need to understand how it will affect consumers and the industry as a whole.

Despite the fact that at this stage the merger of Acer and Asus remains at the level of speculation, it is striking that none of the gentlemen with the last name Shi did not reject the idea or not refused to comment on this topic, which will definitely be continued.

My opinion is this, that these two companies will be helpful to each other. Experienced PC manufacturers started to produce tablets and mobile chips, not because they like it, but because in this business there is money. Today, many of those who produce components for PCs, remained in the shadow of mobile technology, the mobile manufacturers, who for some reasons encounter difficulties in this market, gradually moving to more stable companies. Here again we can recall the deal between Nokia and Microsoft, rumors about the desire Lenovo and ZTE to buy HTC, as well as the possible sale of BlackBerry. So don’t be surprised if in a few years or even in the near future, Acer and Asus combined.

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