a Windows version of Kinect 2 will go on sale July 15

By | 10.12.2018

Windows version of Kinect 2 will go on sale July 15

Starting today, Windows users can pre-order the Kinect 2. Price of the device will be $ 199 or 159 pounds. Pre-order here. Deliveries will begin July 15.

The first Kinect was introduced a few years ago as a peripheral device for the Xbox 360, which you can use to play games, but not with a standard controller in your hands, and using your body (hands, feet, etc.). The sensor is a camera which is installed near the TV (monitor) and goes to the side of the player.

The first version of the device has sold exceptionally well, and Microsoft even decided to include it in the delivery of its new console, Xbox One. This, however, created problems for the company because due to the presence of Kinect, the console was $ 100 more expensive game consoles from main competitor, Sony. June 9th Xbox One sold without Kinect.

The users who bought the Kinect 2, won’t get him any accompanying software. The device operates together with a package of Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit 2.0, which license must be purchased separately. This is a clear indication that the Windows version of this controller is largely targeted at developers, not end users.

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