a Wearable device from Microsoft will be equipped with a UV sensor and a sensor of blood glucose

By | 10.12.2018

The wearable device from Microsoft will be equipped with a UV sensor and a sensor of glucose in the blood

All available information indicates that Microsoft will launch its wearable device later this fall. Meanwhile, IBTimes appeared a little more information about the features of this gadget.

According to the publication, the device will feature a UV sensor (ultraviolet sensor) and monitor blood glucose.

UV sensor, apparently, is intended to alert the user of harmful levels of ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, thus helping to prevent skin cancer. In turn monitor blood glucose will help people who suffer from diabetes.

The post on IBTimes also stated that the wearable device will be launched before the end of this year, as we heard earlier.

According to previous rumors, Microsoft’s SmartWatch will have eleven sensors, including a heart monitor, which will track heart rate 24/7. And the device supposedly will provide three days without recharging. In addition, the smartwatch will support all major platforms, including Windows Phone, iPhone and Android.

Everything points to the fact that Microsoft has a clear focus on health and fitness, and this is evidenced by previous publications that the upcoming device will be more of a bracelet, not a wristwatch.

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