a Wearable device from Microsoft will actually be a fitness band, not a clock

By | 11.12.2018

The wearable device from Microsoft will actually be a fitness band, not a clock

Later this year Microsoft will be another manufacturer of «smart» accessories. As we already know, the group is developing a watch that will be released this fall. However, Paul Tarrot, an analyst who is generally well informed, as for Microsoft, shed more light on this question.

According to the publication Carrot, the wearable device from Microsoft will technically be hours and fitness bracelet with a touch screen, which can work with three popular mobile platforms – Android, iOS and Windows Phone. This is exactly what will be the main feature of the device compared to competitors who in most cases only work with one platform or-even worse – only with some devices of a particular company.

Currently only startup products (Fitbit, Jawbone or Pebble) supports more than one operating system, while Smart devices from Samsung are limited to the latest smartphones of the company. Watch with Android Wear will also only work with Android devices. It is expected that the so-called SmartWatch from Apple will only work with iPhone or iPad.

The functions of the bracelet from Microsoft will be similar to those seen in Samsung Gear Fit. The device screen will display notifications from your phone. In addition, some of the phone functions can be controlled directly from the bracelet.

Device from the company from Redmond will have multiple sensors that will track health indicators of the user and transmit them to specialized mobile applications. The cost of a smart bracelet whose name is still unknown, it will be almost like the Gear Fit, which is about $ 200.

Carrot does not disclose what brand the gadget will be available in the market. «Perhaps Nokia/Lumia or Surface, but we don’t know for sure,» he writes.

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