a review of the movie players on the computer

By | 10.12.2018

A review of the movie players on the computer

From choosing the right player will depend on many things. You need to compare various factors to view features to choose the most rational option.

Overview of the most popular players

Of course, worthy of our attention only to the best examples in this segment. Only by knowing the main favorites in this field, you can choose the ideal for yourself.

Media Player

This is a free player that allows to play audio and video files. It works only under the Windows operating system. Its Creator (someone named Gabest) originally planned to make the app is closed-source, but some time later, published it.

Обзор проигрывателей фильмов на компьютер

This program is considered to be one of the most «omnivorous» in its class. It reproduces the following formats: AVI, AudioCD, Xvid, MPEG-2, RealMedia, DivX, and many others.

In addition, the range of his abilities includes:

  • the ability to display video at a resolution that differs from the source;
  • support for Flash technology;

Tip: to view these videos you will need to install the ActiveX plugin.

  • independent scaling of the image. This greatly facilitates the process of viewing;
  • work with the command line and also with the subtitles;
  • customizable hot keys;
  • support second audio track.

Обзор проигрывателей фильмов на компьютер

Unfortunately, every medal has a second side.

So, it can be noted and disadvantages

  • missing automatic adjustment of image settings (contrast and brightness);
  • it is necessary that the process be supported SSE technology. However, the problem this condition may only be for very old computers.

In General we can say that it is perfect for home use. It lacks innovative functions but for the lion’s share of users it’s not necessary.

VLC media player

A powerful tool for working with a variety of content that is audio and video.

Обзор проигрывателей фильмов на компьютер

The essential features of this program, except for three:

  • allows you to play streaming video of any type;
  • can act as a server for broadcast. For this you need to fulfill two conditions: high speed network and using IPv4 (in some cases IPv6);
  • internal codecs.

Video: player for Windows

Best media player for PC KMPlayer

This player is now at its peak. This is logical, because he reads all popular formats and has the most comprehensive functionality among its competitors.

Обзор проигрывателей фильмов на компьютер

We will note only the most important of them are:

  • built-in codecs;
  • the ability to view damaged or not fully downloaded files.
  • the portable player;
  • built-in corrector subtitle;
  • the variety of different covers;
  • improving video quality;
  • automatic adjustment of contrast and sharpness;
  • noise suppression;
  • standardization of sound.

    Обзор проигрывателей фильмов на компьютер

This is only a small part of all the bells and whistles that characterize this application. Of course, in the aspect of equipment is the most advanced to date.

GOM Media Player

Обзор проигрывателей фильмов на компьютер

Today’s most popular programs are those that are free. Indeed, the lion’s share of users prefer not to spend money on software. Largely because of this GOM Media Player now is in great demand.

Interesting: in the proof of popularity of this application can result in the fact that they are now used by over 45 million users worldwide.

Обзор проигрывателей фильмов на компьютер

According to experts, this solution is suitable for not only the beginner but also the professional.

To verify this, you should see a list of its features:

  1. play all the most popular formats (standard MP4 to FLV, specific);
  2. convenient gadgets: capture audio and screen control playback speed, and more;
  3. integrated service for searching the required codec;
  4. the ability to view corrupted files.

Light Alloy

Another popular player that was developed by the Russian firm Softella.

Обзор проигрывателей фильмов на компьютер

Its main features is as follows:

  • the ability to manipulate the player by means of the control panel;
  • the preview on the timeline (like on YouTube);
  • view the video via the global web. In addition, you can not only listen but to record their online radio;
  • a large number of built-in languages;
  • codecs inside;
  • play Blu-Ray.

In General it can be noted that it is easy to use, and at the same time very functional player.


Another free player that can handle almost any format.

Обзор проигрывателей фильмов на компьютер

The advantage relative to its competitors had only one thing:

  • most low system requirements. Users with a relatively weak iron for this reason, and give it preference;
  • however, it is possible to note the fact that this program successfully works on badly outdated operating systems (from Windows 98).

Summarizing, we can say that this is a great solution for an old computer.

TV Player Classic

There are players for computer music, which allows you to preview the files stored on the hard disk. But what to do if they do not exist? You can view them using the above player.

Обзор проигрывателей фильмов на компьютер

With this interesting application, the user will be able to view TV and radio channels from all over the world (they can be both paid and absolutely free).

Обзор проигрывателей фильмов на компьютер

In addition, there is a possibility to connect to the most popular Webcams in the world and observe what is happening in different parts of the country.

Tip: remember that with a weak Internet, you scarcely will be able to use this utility.

Adobe Flash Player

This is a special plugin that provides a comfortable playback various media files through the browser. Today, many popular websites still using Flash technology.

Обзор проигрывателей фильмов на компьютер

The advantages of this plugin is familiar if not all, many. Is primarily absolute «omnivorous» content.

It would therefore be more reasonable to perform disadvantages:

  • the main one is the excessive load that is on the processor. This is due to the poor efficiency of the Flash technology. However, in some cases, this may be the fault of the application developers;
  • another disadvantage lies in the rather frequent failures of applications, and sometimes the browser as a whole. This is due to too weak error control. It is the effect on the browser itself has caused a flurry of criticism from authoritative experts;
  • there are times when it is not possible to run a Flash application (for example, if it is prohibited by the system administrator). In addition, many firewalls disable Flash for security purposes, as this technology is highly vulnerable.

    Обзор проигрывателей фильмов на компьютер

Despite these negative aspects, in this segment, Adobe is a huge monopoly.

QuickTime Player

There was this technology at the end of the last century and its main purpose is to play various media content. Today it is a favorite player for the majority of owners of gadgets from Apple.

Perhaps this is the most easy-to-manage model.

Обзор проигрывателей фильмов на компьютер

In addition to the standard features, it has some special:

  • an innovative method of video compression that allows impressive to compress the files without significant loss of quality;
  • able to mirror;
  • the ability to write using appropriate equipment (microphone and camera);
  • export audio from video;
  • merge several clips into a single file

Very functional, and very easy to manage program. Any even «advanced» user will be to cope with it easily.

Media Player Classic

This is a perfect analogue of the world famous player deserves the highest praise. Despite the trend, he did not go the way of adding countless unnecessary features. Perhaps only a few percent of users use more than half of the functions of the modern players.

It is worth noting the key features of this omnivorous app:

  • the download size is just over one megabyte;
  • does not require external codecs;
  • feature freeze for basic formats;
  • not strongly loads the computer’s memory, which is especially important for old iron;
  • installation is not required.

Of course, you notice that there is no EQ or auto-brightness. However, this is not too important factors.

Infrom we have considered the most well-known players. To choose the most suitable, you should compare a lot of factors: the formats to be used, until the skill level to use these funds. However, everyone has the right to be wrong.

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