a Review of MiniTool Power Data Recovery

By | 10.12.2018

Review Of MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Users who know little about data recovery, you typically have two options to return the lost information. First, you can contact the company that deals with data recovery on a professional level, can afford not to everyone, and secondly, you can resort to the help of a professional, but this is, again, very expensive.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a powerful recovery engine that works with a functioning operating system, but in addition, the developer offers a separate tool Bootable Media Builder that allows you to create a boot disk for data recovery if the operating system is not loaded. Thus, when Windows can’t start, just turn on the computer, boot from the startup disk and initiate the recovery process. It’s simple!

Recently I found myself in a bad situation when accidentally delete an important document that I needed the next day. I downloaded and installed the Power Data Recovery successfully recovered your document, thanked God and decided that I should tell readers about this remarkable discovery. Keep reading to learn more.

Important: when Installing the program, make sure you did not install it to the drive where your «missing» files. The installation of any new program (or write new files) to the disk may overwrite «deleted» files. So it is better if you install Power Data Recovery to another disk or partition. Of course, this is optional, if you are going to install a program just to educate, not to restore lost information.


  • Power Data Recovery (Personal License) contains the following features:
  • Recovery of deleted files and folders
  • Data recovery from damaged partition
  • Recover data from inaccessible hard disk
  • Data recovery after redistribution (re-partition)
  • Data recovery from faulty hard disk
  • Data recovery after MBR is damaged
  • Data recovery after reinstalling Windows
  • Data recovery from formatted partition with original path and file name
  • Recover photos from memory card
  • Restore music and video from iPod
  • Data recovery from quick formatted CD / DVD
  • Data recovery from DVD disk with open session
  • Recover files from scratched or defective CD and DVD discs
  • Recover data from Windows Dynamic Disk – Spanned Volume, Striped Volume, Mirrored Volume and RAID5 Volume.
  • Support of dozens of types of RAW files, including .m4v, .3g2, .wtv .wrf .pps .dps and hard drives with 4096-byte sector


The interface is friendly and simple. The main screen allows you to select the type of module to recover deleted files. The list of modules is as follows: «Undelete Recovery», «Damaged Partition Recovery» (recover data from damaged partition), «Lost Partition Recovery» (recover data from the remote/lost partition), «Digital Media Recovery» (recovery of music, video and photos from flash drives and memory cards) and «CD/DVD Recovery» (data recovery from optical discs).

Обзор MiniTool Power Data Recovery

We will check the module «Undelete Recovery» which is designed for files that have been deleted from the hard disk accidentally.

On the page «Undelete Recovery» contains a list of all drives connected to the computer. To begin the recovery process, you need to select the drive and click «Scan».

Обзор MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Deleted folders and files will be marked with a red X, as shown in the image below. To restore we need to mark the relevant folder (or file) and click the «Save»button.

Обзор MiniTool Power Data Recovery

The dialog box «Save Files» will prompt you to select a location to save the recoverable files. For this I created a folder called «Lost Files» in the root of drive C. to continue the recovery you have to press «OK».

Обзор MiniTool Power Data Recovery

As a result, the files were successfully recovered and saved in the specified folder on the hard disk.

Option Advanced Filter.

While scanning my hard drive software has detected in total 19870 deleted files with total size of almost 3 GB. To find among them a particular file is practically impossible, but specially for such cases Power Data Recovery provides advanced filter («Advanced Filter»).

In the dialog box «Advanced Filter» should specify the type of the desired file size range and approximate date (from and to) when the file was created or modified.

Обзор MiniTool Power Data Recovery

The program displayed the folder containing the image files that fall under the specified the conditions that I have filter.

Обзор MiniTool Power Data Recovery

How to create a boot disk?

MiniTool separately offers a special program called Bootable Media Builder which allows to create boot disk Power Data Recovery.

Running this tool on the computer you will see the following interface:

Обзор MiniTool Power Data Recovery

If you want to create a bootable CD/DVD disk, first select the option «Build Boot CD/DVD Disc», and then recording device. Then click «Next» to continue. If you choose «ISO Image Recorder», then the program will create an ISO file.

To create a bootable flash drive to choose the second option – «Build Boot Flash Drive».

In that case, if you choose the option «Build Boot Flash Drive», after clicking «Next» a dialog box will appear as in the screenshot below.

Обзор MiniTool Power Data Recovery

It warns you that the selected flash drive will be formatted, and if you click «Yes» all data will be destroyed. To stop the operation, press «No». However, if you continue by pressing «Yes», the Builder will copy all the necessary files to the disk and make it bootable. Usually this process ends quickly. In my case it took 3 minutes.

After the computer boots from this CD you will see the program interface with different modules for data recovery.

What’s new in version 7.0

The program has a modern user interface and dynamic icons. But this is not the only and not the main innovation. MiniTool Power Data Recovery 7.0 uses a new scanning technology that increases the efficiency of the search for deleted files by 50%. In addition, the tool has got the support of Windows 10.

The cost

The free version is fully functional, but allows you to only recover up to 1GB of data. This is optimal for any user who prefers to try before you buy.

If you need to recover more than 1 GB of data, you will have to purchase a license. Most users will suit the personal license (Personal) which is available for $ 69. A tool for creating a bootable disk is the same $ 69, but for $ 79 you time to purchase Power Data Recovery Bootable Media Builder. (Below you will find an activation code which will allow you to activate the free personal license MiniTool Power Data Recovery 6.8, but without the possibility of free updates to new versions.

Power Data Recovery is good recovery of deleted or lost files, but don’t expect miracles. In my case the program has even found files that I deleted over a month ago, but none of them I did not managed to recover because during this time, I made countless transactions with the hard disk. However, if the file has been deleted recently, then there is a high probability that Power Data Recovery can easily recover.

Activation code for version 6.8


MiniTool Power Data Recovery 7.0

MiniTool Power Data Recovery 6.8

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