a Review of Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 (+ 5 free license keys)

By | 10.12.2018

Review Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 (+ 5 license key free)

Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 comes with a slightly modified interface that improves usability of all functions available modules and utilities, while the presence of automatic backup version of the file ensures that you can always revert to the original image, even if changes were already saved.

A trial version of the tool provides 10 days of free use (which will add another 30 days if you register). The program costs $ 1632 rubles. However, some of you will be able to get our free license key to activate the full version, but more on that below.

Ashampoo Photo Commander is not just a collection for quick image optimization or for organizing large collections of photos; you can use this tool to view the photos (either in fullscreen or in a slide show), add shapes and text to create collages, calendars, HTML albums, or to stitch images into panoramas.

Обзор Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 (+ 5 лицензионных ключей бесплатно)Обзор Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 (+ 5 лицензионных ключей бесплатно)Обзор Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 (+ 5 лицензионных ключей бесплатно)

In addition, in the package there is a function for finding duplicate images, and parameters for batch processing pictures to resize, rotate, convert, adjust contrast, brightness, color temperature, hue, saturation, and apply different effects.

When you first launch the app, a guide that explains the main areas of the main window: toolbar, folder tree, preview pane, etc. compared with the previous version of the interface has not changed very much, but the toolbar and the modules became more visible.

However, with the default settings, the interface looks all the same overloaded (when working on big screens is not a problem), but you can easily fix this by making some changes to the layout and hiding panels you don’t need most of the time.

If you need to sort items in the content area for a particular criteria, then the instrument is not deprived of this possibility. Photo Commander allows you to organize them by format, rating, date, title and IPTC/EXIF metadata.

List of tools for optimization in the current version of Ashampoo Photo Commander is represented by tools such as Effect-Pen, Tilt-Shift-Effect Repair and Pen. And among the available effects are Soft Blend, Motion Blur, Zoom Blur, Noise, Splash, Bulge, Twist, Wave, Glass, and many others.

Обзор Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 (+ 5 лицензионных ключей бесплатно)Обзор Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 (+ 5 лицензионных ключей бесплатно)Обзор Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 (+ 5 лицензионных ключей бесплатно)

As the name suggests, Effect Pen allows you to apply various image effects. Using the Tilt-Shift, you will be able to focus on a specific area of the image. The tool works automatically, but you can adjust the levels of blur, contrast, saturation and angle. The result is pretty interesting.

Best of all, that Photo Commander saves more than one version of the modified image, so you can explore a few final options and choose the best.

After improving the images in the module Quick-Fix, product from Ashampoo offers several ways for their design. You can create a slideshow (complete with background music), HTML album, personal calendar or a collage.

In addition, you can stitch two images together to create panoramic views of the landscape or to combine two photos in the photo mix.

Photo Commander also allows batch processing of photos. This feature is particularly handy when you want to quickly apply effects, add watermark or resize multiple images at the same time.

Ashampoo Photo Commander looks quite qualitative and comprehensive range for your organization, improve your photos, and publish them in a contemporary way. The tool was developed for novice users, so working with them is quite simple. However, it should be noted that on slower computers the program will run slowly.

Bonus: we Have 5 license keys for Ashampoo Photo Commander 12, we are ready to give you. The winners will be the first 5 people who write the reviews, positive or negative. The keys we will e-mail you, so in the comments form enter your valid address. The keys over, thank you all for participating!

Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 from the official website of the developer

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