a Program to distribute Wi Fi on laptop

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Program for distribution of Wi Fi on laptop

It often happens that the computer connected to the Internet via cable or 3G modem, but you have to use them on other devices. Not all know that the built-in WiFi antenna of the laptop can also work on the reception and distribution of signal.

Sometimes it is the only available method of obtaining Internet on devices that don’t support 3G.

Because not to buy a router or change provider, you can find an affordable way of distribution of the Internet, only correctly configuring the laptop and picking up a good utility.

Ways to deliver Wi-Fi from laptop

There are three basic ways to make laptop point signal distribution:

  • by using the tools in Windows;
  • the command line;

    Программы для раздачи вай фай на ноутбуке

  • a special application.

In the first case, you create and configure a new shared connection to it using built-in tools of Windows system.

To distribute Wi-Fi through the command line, use the netsh and prescribed settings using the Notepad editor. But for inexperienced users, these options can be complex.

The third option is to use programs designed for Internet distribution. They are absolutely free and have advanced features, but serious consideration should be given to their choice – some may cause malfunction of the computer, have a lot of failures, or to be infected with the virus.

Video: wi-fi from laptop with no programs

Overview of tools for Internet sharing

The program for distribution to Wi Fi via laptop helps you quickly create a secure signal and transmit it to other devices.

Such tools, there are many, they are similar in functionality and allow the laptop to work as access point and distribute via the Wi-Fi received via cable, 3G/4G or wireless network.

The main ones:

  • WiFi Hotspot Creator;
  • MyPublicWiFi;
  • mHotspot;
  • WiFiCreator;
  • Connectify.

The difference between them in some features, security, health, as well as payment for additional services.

WiFi Hotspot Creator

To distribute Wi Fi you can use the app Wi-Fi HotSpot Creator. It uses the same technology as conventional Wi-Fi routers.


  • use of a laptop for the transmission of Wi Fi;
  • secure communications thanks to WPA2;

    Программы для раздачи вай фай на ноутбуке

  • protection connection password;
  • work with any Internet connection.
  • easy to install and use;
  • the ability to connect an unlimited number of users to the network.

When you install a Wi-Fi HotSpot Creator be careful, as the program offers the download of unnecessary add-ons. Some antiviruses can see in the app a threat to the system and block it.

But all in all, WiFi Hotspot Creator is very easy to use, only need to run it as administrator, otherwise the program will open, but will not give.

Configuring an application:

  • in the Name field (SSID), enter the network name;
  • in the field Passphrase is the password to WiFi;
  • in the list of NIC you need to select connection Wireless Network Connection;
  • press Start.

    Программы для раздачи вай фай на ноутбуке

The disadvantages utilities to take what she can hang during the creation of the access point. This is solved by restarting utilities or computer, and if does not work, you should change the settings of the adapter: first, to close access and then open and try to connect again.

Программы для раздачи вай фай на ноутбуке


Internet sharing can also occur with mHotspot. It has a nice interface, many options and also displays statistics connection. To start program you need to download and install on the laptop.

Программы для раздачи вай фай на ноутбуке

But be careful when you install the app, it can download other components that are unnecessary or even harmful for your device.

Программы для раздачи вай фай на ноутбуке

Next you need to create a Wi Fi connection shared:

  • right-click the connection;

    Программы для раздачи вай фай на ноутбуке

  • open its «Properties»;
  • go to the tab «Access»;
  • click the checkbox «Allow other network users to connect to the Internet.»

    Программы для раздачи вай фай на ноутбуке

Then run mHotspot:

Connection setup is quite simple:

  • enter the access point name;
  • create a password;
  • select the source of Internet;
  • press the Start button.

In the settings check the following items:


MyPublicWiFi is a free application to create hotspot on PC, which allows you to track the websites you visit and has a built-in firewall.

These options allow you to configure the application for the prohibition of visiting certain sites and track all visited resources, which is useful for creating networks at enterprises and educational institutions.

MyPublicWiFi interface is simple and clear to everyone.

For the organization of access point you need:

  • specify the network name (Network name);
  • enter the password (Network key);
  • to create a Hotspot (if you want to display data of connected users (IP, Mac address, etc.));
  • to save the parameters (Set up and Start Hotspot).

    Программы для раздачи вай фай на ноутбуке


  1. distribution of Internet access over a wireless network;
  2. built-in firewall;
  3. support WPA2 encryption;
  4. track all visited URL;
  5. the possibility of prohibition of visiting certain sites and resources.


WiFiCreator differs from Wi-Fi HotSpot Creator enhanced security, and the lack of additional software during download and installation.

It quickly installs and is easy to use. The app launch is only as administrator.

Unlike other applications to send Internet signal, this has Russian language interface.

Optionally, you can supply automatic start at boot of the system.

Программы для раздачи вай фай на ноутбуке

Setting WiFiCreator:

  1. in the field Network Name enter the name of the wireless network;
  2. in Network Key enter the password of at least 8 characters;
  3. in point Internet connection select the desired connection to the network;
  4. click «Start Hotspot» (to Start the access point).

    Программы для раздачи вай фай на ноутбуке

The program Connectify to distribute Wi-Fi from laptop

Connectify is a paid software application to transfer the Internet signal to the laptop. But in access there is also a free version that allows you to distribute the Internet to other devices. It is suitable for any operating system and works very fast and smoothly.


  • create your own access point Wi-Fi;
  • master the first connection will help very easily to set;
  • several types of connection encryption (WPA2-PSK, and WEP) for data protection;
  • protection connection password;
  • viewing complete statistics on the use of the connection.
  • simple and intuitive interface;
  • minimizing to system control panel – the program continues to run, but not distracting.

A free version called Connectify Hotspot and can be download from official website manufacturer.

Программы для раздачи вай фай на ноутбуке

Agree to use Connectify:

Программы для раздачи вай фай на ноутбуке

After installation, you create your own service, and to get started you need to reboot the computer.

Программы для раздачи вай фай на ноутбуке

Connectify automatically starts along with the system and install one extra tool. Many options are only available in the paid version, because often Connective issues a proposal for its purchase.

After restarting a window will appear to customize the application. Press «Continue» and select «Try Connectify Lite» on the next screen.

Программы для раздачи вай фай на ноутбуке

The principle of operation

Basic settings Connectify made in this window:

Программы для раздачи вай фай на ноутбуке

You can open it from the tray menu or via menu «start».

In this window you need a custom wireless network settings:

  • HotSpot name is the name of your access point. It can be changed only in the paid version of the program. In the free version, it’s listed as Connectify-me. If you purchased the Pro version, you can write your name only in English letters or numbers;
  • Password – the password for your access point Wi Fi. It can be generated automatically by clicking on the button «Generate Password» and you can enter your password. Make sure that it was difficult – it will not allow others to connect to your point;
  • Internet to Share field to select the network card via which the laptop receives the Internet. If you don’t know what is on the laptop card, select each one in turn until, until no longer words «No working Internet». The type of the Internet is not important;
  • Share Over – Board, through which will be distributed to Wi-Fi. There is a wrong selection will immediately fail, because to determine the cost quite easily;
  • Sharing Mode – the security type of the access point you are creating. The most reliable of all WPA;
  • Click Start HotSpot – this application configuration ends, and the access point will soon be created.

    Программы для раздачи вай фай на ноутбуке

In Pro version it is possible to mark the points:

  1. Allow Internet Acsess is to allow or deny access to the Internet;
  2. Allow Local Network Acsess to allow or deny access to the local network.

Also the paid version gives the possibility to distribute the Internet not only via Wi-Fi and 3G/4G. There are no ads and banners, but also provided high quality support and other options.

If you install first the Lite version and then bought the Pro key to enter the key you have in the item «Enter License» which can be found in the upper left corner of the window.

When the configured network starts, on the device you want to connect, find a network and enter the password invented earlier.

To deliver Wi-Fi laptop, you can use standard Windows tools, but more efficient is the use of special programs.

Almost all apps are free, and are distinguished by different features and additional software, as well as distributed as the Internet.

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