a Program for Internet sharing via wifi with laptop

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Program for Internet sharing over wifi from laptop

In almost every modern home today have a personal computer or even laptop. And that’s not to mention other devices that are useful in conjunction with such appliances: tablets, e-readers and smartphones.

If you buy a separate router of desire or no available funds, you can use the built in «laptop» adapter. The device must be already connected to the network traditional wired or wireless way.

Best program for sharing wifi from laptop today is not installed, every user can apply one of the common options most suited to its setting and experience of fixing such equipment.

However, if there is no desire to get in addition to need a bunch of useless software applications to use the widely advertised «wifi HotSpot Creator» is not necessary.

What is the programme of distribution of Wi-Fi?

Today, there are many different commercial and free apps for a comfortable and fast setup of the device as an access point to the Internet for other home appliances.Программы для раздачи интернета по wifi с ноутбука

The program for distribution to the wifi with laptop without router allows you to use the built-in adapter for wireless Internet distribution.

Such applications in any case should not require buying any additional gadgets.

Despite the absence of costs for external devices, you may need to reinstall driver for the adapter. How to know if I need any update? If the add-on does not start or says that there is no possibility to enable the access point to the Internet, you need to be updated.

To go for such procedures need only under the rights of «Admin» and the driver to download only from official website manufacturer selected device.

How do they work?

The functionality of all similar apps are almost identical, differences usually consist in the user interface and the non-essential advanced settings.

Each option for such distribution represents a special shell build on Windows, and allows the device to work as access point, giving Internet all home gadgets.

Video: Internet via Wi Fi with laptop on all devices

Overview of tools for creating Hotspot

The most affordable for inexperienced users and, consequently, widespread applications created at the moment, you can fit in a small list:

  • Connectify;
  • mHotspot;
  • MyPublicWiFi;
  • WiFi Hotspot Creator;

    Программы для раздачи интернета по wifi с ноутбука

  • WiFi Virtual Router;
  • WinHotSpot.

If the app «Hotspot Creator» many speak not very good, due to the large number of obligatory and totally unnecessary additions, then other options may be suitable even a person without any technical education.

For example, the application of the «WinHotSpot» differs from the other options only non-standard interface.

mHotspot has very little to simplify setup functions. But there is the AutoPlay button, which is handy for beginners.


Very famous among the users is absolutely free. It is very easy to install and setup and doesn’t require much space on the hard drive or the high speed connection for download.

Программы для раздачи интернета по wifi с ноутбука

To work through the security need to come under the administrator rights, otherwise it might just not start.

Setting up a wireless point in the 4th step:

  1. run and enter in the string «Network Name (SSID)» the name of the home network;
  2. in the second box, be sure to enter any password (don’t forget to celebrate it somewhere in the future);
  3. in the line «Enable Internet Sharing», you need to register an existing connection that the app knew where to get Internet. This can be a cable or wireless connection;
  4. note the checkbox «Hotspot has been set up on this computer» and everything.

Программы для раздачи интернета по wifi с ноутбука

In the tab ‘Management’ you can disable the Firewall, here it will be possible to return if the need arises.

There is also the possibility to block access to certain sites to close unwanted children on dubious resources, or to use the laptop in public places such as cafes and hotels.

MyPublicWiFi will remember websites visited, and archive information in a plain text file. The application supports common encryption type to «WPA2».

Virtual Router

Very easy to use and is a free app with very user friendly interface.

Программы для раздачи интернета по wifi с ноутбука

Configure WiFi through this software has the same four steps as in the previous method:

  • enter the network name in the «Network Name (SSID)»;

    Программы для раздачи интернета по wifi с ноутбука

  • specified well-remembered or carefully recorded in a notebook the password in the line «Password»;
  • define the type of connection to the Internet in the «Shared Connection»;
  • run the access point, simply click «Connect».

In the 4th the available field, specify the maximum number of «feasts». If it’s a home network, you should get 10 custom devices.

Program to deliver WI FI laptop Connectify

The most common option today is Connectify. It has two options of purchase: totally free and commercial.

The paid version has a few more features, but cost alone will be a cheap Chinese router.

At the moment the differences are as follows:

  • free option – just make PC or laptop an access point to the Internet;
  • pay – will help to use a WiFi connection to a cable distribution or settings 3G/4G.

The principle of operation

Support for almost all existing at the moment, versions of the Windows operating system, which is very convenient for the conservative fans of the popular Windows XP.

This option requires full download the distribution and install it on a home device. Then create your own service, and the gadget will need to be reset.

Программы для раздачи интернета по wifi с ноутбука

Distribution of Wi-Fi through the laptop likewise requires patience, as prescribed in startup and asks for registration. But to remove it from the list of automatically downloadable content you can, and make registration not required.

The paid version provides firewall, it is possible to allow or deny unauthorized users to use the network. To configure this function, it is sufficient to set the corresponding check box in the fields: «Allow Local Network Access» and «Allow Internet Access».

Note: if the laptop has two network adapter to connect to the Internet should use one that is marked as «Adapter No. 2». So the software will function more correctly.

Setup and features

Debug the application and create a hotspot occurs in stages:

  1. in the string «HotSpot Name», enter any appropriate name, but just using numbers and English letters. You can generally leave initially hammered «Сonnectify-me» and nothing to worry;

    Программы для раздачи интернета по wifi с ноутбука

  2. in the field «Password» write password that will protect our hot spot from external interference. For user convenience there is a button «Generate Password», the main thing is not to forget this password, and make it very simple;
  3. in the row «Internet to Share» you need to specify the name of your network card. Beginners who do not know what is the name of network card, you can suggest the following method: you need to click on each listed name and wait for the fade mark «No working Internet»;
  4. further there are advanced settings to specify for efficient operation. Box «Share Over» implies the specifying of the Board, distributing the Internet. Here go the same way as in the previous item, select every row, until not lost error message;
  5. the field «Sharing Mode» configures the type of encryption the network. Usually offered WPA, and it should be chosen because it is the most common and one of the most reliable options for today.

If no error was allowed and the password is securely stored on a piece of paper, the work for debugging a system over. The button «Start HotSpot» starts the access point after clicking it will take about 1 minute to the network up and running correctly.

The active application will remain, even when minimized to tray, will run automatically every time you boot the device. Of course, if the user has not removed it from «Startup» manually.

Today, many inexperienced users looking for the programs in Russian to use laptop as a router for your home network.

But the most experienced users hold about this question categorical opinions – you need to use only English versions.

They already time-tested, have a simple interface in four-five lines and do not require in-depth knowledge of the language.

If possible, you should purchase a separate device, but the virtual hotspots showed very well: they allow you to save not only money, but also the active living space.

No additional wires or complicated debugging router is not required. The most common options today are: Connectify, MyPublicWiFi and WiFi Virtual Router.

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