a notification Center and personal voice assistant in Windows Phone 8.1

By | 10.12.2018

Notification center and personal voice assistant in Windows Phone 8.1

With each update to Windows Phone gaining more and more new features. However, the mobile platform remains with a negligible market share, because some key features are still missing and it scares users.

Over the next year, however, Windows Phone will substantially increase its popularity, as in the spring of 2014, according to the new rumor, Microsoft will introduce a new update with a serial number 8.1, which will bring the notification center and even a voice assistant – like Apple’s Siri and Google Now. Since this information is not official, exact release date updates for users remains a mystery.

Am according to The Verge, the notification center will remind itself on Android. But if this is true, then users will be much easier to make a decision about switching to Windows Phone from a competing mobile operating systems.

About the capabilities of the voice assistant is not known, but it is being developed and tested by the special division of Microsoft that deals exclusively with technology for improved voice communication with WP devices. It is also reported that the voice assistant will replace Bing search on Windows Phone.

In addition, Microsoft will finally add a separate volume for incoming calls, applications, and notifications. Also WP8.1 will receive the search results of Bing Smart Search (on Windows 8.1) and support for VPN, and the Xbox Music app and Xbox Video will be separate, i.e. no longer built into the platform. A similar fate may befall a number of other built-in applications.

Along with this, it is reported that Nokia is preparing two new smartphones that will be presented, along with Windows Phone 8.1, and one of them will be equipped with virtual buttons for navigation within the OS.

: The Verge

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