a New video with the start menu in Windows 9 and demonstration of virtual desktop

By | 10.12.2018

New video «start menu» in Windows 9 and demonstration of virtual desktop

Новое видео с меню «Пуск» в Windows 9 и демонстрация виртуальных рабочих столов

Earlier this year Microsoft announced a new «start menu», which is intended to replace the start screen on non-touch devices with Windows 9. We’ve already seen one video showing how the new menu works in its current form, the inside of the Windows 9 Technical Preview. Now the same has published another video that allows you to learn about the new «start menu» even more.

Video shows which menu items are hidden in the «File Manager», «Settings», «Control Panel». We can also see that users can easily remove all live tiles, leaving only the main part of the menu, which gives it a more traditional appearance, to which we are accustomed in Windows XP, Vista and 7.

The second new video from WinFuture.de dedicated virtual desktops. The video shows that users can create up to 7 virtual desktops, but it remains unclear whether the number of desktops to be limited to screen size, and how this function will work on systems with multiple monitors.

New desktops are created by clicking on the » + » button and delete a button «x».

Hover the mouse on the virtual desktop allows you to see every running on the program as a thumbnail, which in turn allows you to jump to a program or to close it.

If a certain app is already open on one desktop, Windows 9 will not launch another instance of the application, and just drop the user on the desktop where this application is already running.

Thus, the virtual desktops in Windows 9 are advanced function CTRL + TAB, since I work in a similar way.

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