a New variant for the successor to Ballmer, the COO of Qualcomm

By | 10.12.2018

A new version for the successor of Ballmer, the COO of Qualcomm

According to Bloomberg, Qualcomm COO Steve Mollenkopf is one of the candidates for the position of Steve Ballmer. 44-year-old Mollenkopf got the number of candidates from which a successor to the current CEO of Microsoft. Bloomberg quoted information from «anonymous».

The latest candidate, who joined the already-chosen name, has rich experience in the world of technology, and currently holds the position of chief operating officer in one of the largest companies for the production of chips for mobile devices. He led various divisions at Qualcomm and worked on the development of future projects of the company.

Now Microsoft shows a growing desire to expand its presence in the mobile market. For this reason, the appointment of the chief Executive officer of a person who is closely associated with mobile technology, it makes sense.

Let me remind you that Ballmer, who led Microsoft for the past 13 years, announced that he will retire within the next 12 months. It was in August. At the same time the company’s Board of Directors organized a special Committee that deals with looking for potential candidates. After a meeting with Microsoft’s shareholders, the number of candidates was reduced to 40 persons, but known only to some of them. This Stephen Elop (former CEO of Nokia), Tony Bates (Vice President of Microsoft), Satya Nadel (head of unit «Cloud services and the corporate sector» in Microsoft). Until recently, the most likely successor was thought, the General Director of Ford Alan Mulally, but he said he will remain in his current position.

Despite the fact that Ballmer still have a few months before he leaves office, analysts agree that the replacement will be selected before the end of the year.

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