a New tactic recommendations built-in apps in Windows 10

By | 10.12.2018

New tactics recommendations built-in apps in Windows 10

Новая тактика рекомендации встроенных приложений в Windows 10

Apparently, Microsoft is preparing to experiment with a new way to encourage us to use built-in Windows 10, apps. This is evidenced by the innovation in the Assembly under number 10568, which appeared online over the weekend.

For example, if the default browser installed Microsoft Edge, and you choose to do so from Google Chrome, you will see a dialog box with the text «Give chance to the Microsoft Edge» («Give Microsoft a shot Edge»). In the same window, the company emphasizes the features of its new browser: notes on web pages, Cortana integration and a reading view. At the bottom of the window you will see two buttons: a big bright «Don’t switch and try now» less visible «Switch anyway».

Новая тактика рекомендации встроенных приложений в Windows 10

There is no doubt that it will cause serious discontent in companies that develop competitors Edge. The guys from Mozilla at all so will have to redo his video in which they explain how to make Firefox the default browser in Windows 10. By the way, exactly the same practice Microsoft uses for other embedded applications.

Will this have any unpleasant consequences for the company, we know when this feature will reach the public version of Windows 10. In conclusion, we note that it is because of such actions many refrain from updating their devices to the new operating system.

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