a New Outlook.com comes out of Preview status

By | 11.12.2018

New Outlook.com comes out of Preview status

Новый Outlook.com выходит из статуса Preview

After a long period of closed testing, which lasted almost a year with the participation of a limited number of users, Microsoft has finally decided that it was time to open the new version of web mail Outlook.com all users. The company officially announced yesterday, noting that the launch of the new user interface will be gradual but very fast – about 1 million accounts a week.

Changes a lot; in addition to a fully updated interface, more elegant and clean, the postal service is now based on the Office 365 infrastructure. A user add-ins (the equivalent of extensions in the browser) that will allow you to integrate third-party services and tools. Will initially be available Yelp, Wunderlist, Uber, Evernote, Giphy, Paypal and many others.

Outlook.com got and tighter integration with Skype; along with audio and video calls within the e-mail you can now use @mentions to invite others to the conversation. And in the mailbox now have a simple editor of images; to access the editing options the image you want to insert directly in the body of the message.

Activation of all these and other changes will happen automatically within the next few days or weeks, without any intervention from the user. You just need to wait.

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