a New Microsoft Edge got its own engine

By | 10.12.2018

New Microsoft Edge has its own engine

The majority of Internet users uses Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, but with the advent of Windows 10 in the community «passed» the rumor about the new Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has promised to introduce in his new creation of the modern browser engine, convenient interface, quick and easy job, and good prospects of the software. But what really legendary the browser can provide users with today?

Новый браузер Microsoft Edge получил собственный движок

As for the engine, the Microsoft Edge «riveted» on the basis of progressive Tridentа (engine for Internet Explorer). The modern structure EdgeHTML will give the Edge fast and easy without errors. The Microsoft stated Microsoft Edge competition with Google release creation, and today Google Chrome is the fastest.

Browser with Windows 10, made in minimalism, as the operating system itself. The theme browser has long been known to all — Metro with a standard grey hue, which changes to dark colors.

On the start page Microsoft Edge Microsoft is MSN with a bunch of information about weather, news and list of websites. When connecting in Windows 10, Microsoft account, the browser determines your location and shows weather.

The retractable toolbar is docked, to quickly go to settings. Main options: history, downloads, deferred resources, and selected websites. Also there is a special button on the toolbar to create a note, the «Share» function and the main menu.

The default search engine in Edge is Bing. But microsoftove created the opportunity to establish a basic third-party search engine. To change the default search you need to go into browser settings and set the available search engine. The new brainchild of Microsoft supports the most popular search engines — Google, Yandex. To search for information using Google, Yandex, you must visit this resource and the edge will add them to the list of supported search engines.

Unlike Microsoft’s product in the «potochnosti» — the ability to place IMDb daily-page tiles on the tile screen at Start-up. This function is feasible using the browser menu where you should select «Pin to start».

Новый браузер Microsoft Edge получил собственный движок

Directly with Microsoft Edge is the ability to share web notes in social networks, send mail, and the web service notes Evernote or Yandex.The disk using the «Share»function.

Protect your new creation Microsoft left Internet Explorer, which uses the Smart Screen filter. This feature protects you from suspicious programs and websites require money. The function of Smart Screen if you wish, you can disable in the advanced settings of the browsers.

As it is not proved Microsoft Edge, but most users do not want to give up already bored friends (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera). These analogs can put a bunch of extensions that make the browser a consummate competitor to Microsoft Edge, and its a cool share button can not be surprised, because such opportunities are in any social network.

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