a New interface Yandex.Browser, Kalipso

By | 11.12.2018

The new interface Yandex.Browser, Kalipso

The brainchild of the first search engine Runet – Yandex.Browser – appeared in 2012 and quickly gained popularity among Russian-speaking users through advertising campaigns with Yandex. This project was invested not only money on promotion, but also efforts to improve the product. Yandex.Browser all their road grew rapidly and continues to do so today. Of the many browsers based on Chromium, Yandex.The browser is having its own sync service, Smartbox, able in some cases to give the tips directly in the process of entering the keywords, built-in compression technology of the Internet traffic, the ability to install extensions from the stores of the other two browsers – Google Chrome and Opera. And, of course, Yandex.The browser has its own interface. And not one, but two interfaces – the old (classic) and the new, between which in the current versions of Yandex.Browser you can switch to the settings section.

In this article, take a closer look with the new interface Yandex.Browser – based interface, called «Calypso».


  • The new interface «Calypso» Yandex.Browser;
  • The quick access page in the new interface Yandex.Browser;
  • The tab bar;
  • Smart string;
  • Protected mode interface «Calypso».
  • The official page of Yandex.Browser

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