A mouse and keyboard and a variety of systems is possible with Synergy

By | 10.12.2018

One mouse and keyboard and a variety of systems is possible with Synergy

As someone who often tests various portable systems, I can’t help but appreciate the advantages of the extra click, and not rarely and keyboard. The fact is that laptops are, by definition, is designed to be Autonomous, i.e. free of further peripheral devices, and is fully designed for the use of keys and touchpad.

But admit it, how often have you used the touchpad of your laptop while working from the comfort of home, sitting at a Desk in the living room or when you are in the office? Most people in such circumstances (that allow) typically rely on a compact mouse, because it’s convenient.

So do I – I much more convenient and faster to work with an external mouse and keyboard, I’m used to, than to use the keyboard and touchpad built into the laptop.

The disadvantage here is that every time I have to switch cables or remote receiver between your desktop machine and a laptop or second computer. More precisely, I had to do this before, until I found Synergy.

It is a small tool with which you can easily use one keyboard and mouse, connected to the main machine (server) on several computers (clients).

Previously Synergy was distributed for free but now it costs $ 10, but provides many other useful features: the ability to exchange the contents of the clipboard, and transfer files between the connected computers using a simple drag and drop. However, you still can download the previous version (e.g. 1.5.0), while today the newest version is 1.5.1.

To use this, you first need to download and install Synergy. The product is available in two versions – for 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

What exactly will be the role of the computer on which Synergy is installed, you will be able to identify during the setup process. Accordingly, the car with the keyboard and mouse should be denoted as «Server» (Server (new setup)), while all the other computers with which you intend to share resources of the host PC, you want to identify as a «Client» (Client (add to setup)).

Одна мышь и клавиатура и множество систем – это возможно с Synergy

The next step is to configure the server. To do this, click «Configure Server» and then specify the program where the client is physically located (clients) from the underlying machine.

Одна мышь и клавиатура и множество систем – это возможно с Synergy

The client setup is even easier: in practice, you only need to specify the network name of the system with which you share a mouse and keyboard.

In conclusion, check the connection. To do this, click «Start» – first on the server (expect the appearance of the inscription on the ready), and then on the client.

After this, move the mouse pointer to edge of screen and it will automatically jump to display the second car. Also, you can easily and quickly (if you have a paid version of the program) to exchange the contents of the clipboard. To do this simply highlight and copy the text in an application running on the system (client or server), and then paste it into a program running on another computer.

The good news is that along with Synergy supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

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