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Mobile Internet connection MTS

Mobile network MTS is one of the largest by number of subscribers, moreover, it is constantly growing and improving. So the question of how you want to connect your MTS Internet on your phone or tablet will always be relevant.

The necessary device parameters

In order for your device has connect Internet from MTS, you need to check whether your phone, smartphone or tablet and some settings that are required to be able to connect to the Internet.

And to Internet from MTS connect, you need:

  • a data card. Have smartphones and some phones and the new generation of mobile data card built into the device itself. In older models of phones just do not offer access to the Internet. In order to connect to the network via the tablet, in most cases, you do not need any additional equipment, but the budget or older models need to connect special devices — USB called modem;
  • Me from MTS. If we want to access the Internet from MTS, you need to buy a SIM card. Which has an individual and unique number, which should be placed in a phone, smartphone or tablet. If the tablet slot for SIM cards no, then we use the modem;
  • the access point name (APN). This specific identification code, which is not only numbers but also letters and allows you to identify the specific service offered by the operator;
  • the presence of the network. In order to be able to go to the world wide web to start you need to make sure that you are not out of range of the network. If you went beyond the area covered by your network, but here it works affiliate network, you are in the roaming. During transmission and reception data roaming rates are changing things to be aware of.
  • network (LTE or 3G, 4G). This specialized mobile phone network that allow your device to support a variety of technologies.

    Подключение мобильного интернета МТС

Basic settings

In the presence of all needed parameters on your device you need to take care about specialized basic settings. Which will allow you to connect to the Internet.

To connect MTS Internet on your phone or tablet, you must:

  1. first, activate Simku;
  2. connect it to your network. If the device alone will not be able to choose from available networks, the list can be found via the menu item «Settings» that are standard in every modern gadget. You need to connect it to the MTS network (it will carry this title, so choose it from the list no problem);

    Подключение мобильного интернета МТС

  3. enter the following parameters:
  • profile name/Profile name: mts-internet
  • data feed/Data bearer: GPRS
  • access point/APN: mts
  • user name/User name: mts
  • password/Password: mts
  1. to activate the interaction with the network simply by touching its icon.

Video: the Internet of MTS Russia

Auto Internet settings for your phone

The easiest way, when the mobile operator sends all necessary settings as soon as your SIM card has been activated and «appeared on the network». MTS, as widely demanded by the operator immediately after activation of SIM cards sends all necessary settings, which only need to confirm on your gadget.

If it so happened that the automatic configuration was not sent to you after activation – My (and your device supports them), you should call the operator and ask them to send you as soon as possible.

It is important to know! If you run the device without activating a SIM card, connect to a mobile network you will not succeed, and to make a call from your number also will not work. To unlock SIM CI you need to enter a code to connect(PIN — standard, or one that you have changed the standard previously).

If you don’t know the standard PIN, it can be easily found in related documentation that you received when you purchased the SIM card.

Manual adjustment

Manual configuration is required if using some of the technical features of your gadget automatic configuration is simply impossible. Often manual configuration depends on the manufacturer or model of your «smart friend».

Подключение мобильного интернета МТС

But, it is possible to provide a standard algorithm to connect Internet on MTS on your phone or on the tablet, which depend on the operating system of the gadget (for example: Android, iOS, Windows).


Today the Android operating system on most smart devices, so the Internet connection on MTS phone, or other gadget of interest to many who are not able to solve everything using automatic settings.

We present to your attention the simple algorithm, with which you will be able to connect MTS Internet on Android:

  1. open the menu, look for «Settings», click;
  2. getting access to the settings menu looking for such an item as «Wireless», it is sure to be in this menu, it is not necessary to look anywhere else. reap;
  3. finding opened for us the item called «Mobile Internet», activate it – you should see a check mark or tick next to this item;
  4. looking for this subparagraph as the «Mobile network» includes;
  5. if once shows you among the available profiles «MTS internet» — activate it, if such profile is not – it can be easy to create:
    1. click on the available sub-item «Create APN»;
    2. enter the following parameters (it is important to observe the accuracy):
      • name — MTS internet
      • APN internet.mts.ru
      • login – mts
      • password mts
    3. all other parameters leave unchanged.

No, you do not have to. If you connect Internet on MTS could not – should contact a repair center to have your device examined by specialists.

iPhone (iOS 6)

For connection it is also necessary to comply with a specific algorithm:

  1. in the main menu, find «Settings», click;
  2. from the opened submenu, select «Basic», click;
  3. having seen a «Network». Choose his name;

    Подключение мобильного интернета МТС

  4. activate the «Cellular data network» — the lever needs to change its color;
  5. you must enter data in the «Cellular network data» — all write in small letters mts.
  6. now, if everything was done correctly, the standard Safari browser should start its work.

iPhone (iOS 7)

Algorithm iOS 7 will be a little different, so in the submenu «Settings» you can immediately see para Cellular. Further – there are similar settings from step 4 for iOS 6.

Подключение мобильного интернета МТС

Windows Phone

Many believe that setting the Internet connection manually on Windows devices too messy, but if you follow the presented algorithm, this process will take you little more than a minute:

  1. activate the «data Transfer» on your device with Windows operating system;
  2. open the main menu, look for «Settings», click;
  3. in the just opened for us looking for the submenu item «access Point», click;
  4. if you do not see the access point, which is called «MTS», you will need to create a new point, simply pressing the bottom of the screen on the plus sign;

    Подключение мобильного интернета МТС

  5. specify a name for the connection – MTS.
  6. open the next menu, which bears the title «Internet APN»;
  7. very carefully enter the following data (alternating between normal and capital letters is important, so enter the new data should be very carefully):
    1. access point: mts or mts-internet;
    2. user: mts.
    3. password: also mts.
    4. network type: IPv4, leave the remaining cells blank.

As you can see, the process of the Internet connection of MTS for the tablet and smartphone is quite simple. Although modern devices, manual configuration is rarely used, to know how to do it; every such information will never be superfluous.

If you feel that alone will not be able to make all the necessary settings on my phone or favorite tablet, you better entrust this to professionals, because such services are either free or very cheap.

If you have not yet connected to the global web with your gadget, you need to rush to do it, because it is unlimited possibilities. Yes, and very handy when all the information is at hand, is to go online.

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