a Microsoft Employee reveals details of Windows Phone 8.2

By | 09.12.2018

Microsoft employee reveals details of Windows Phone 8.2

In may will start selling the first smartphones with Windows Phone 8.1, but it started rumors about the next version of mobile OSes from Microsoft. Currently, however, they cannot be considered reliable. Information appeared on the website Reddit from a user who claims that he is a longtime Microsoft employee. Later his profile was deleted.

All information should be considered as debatable, but what is known at this time.

said he works in the Department of operating systems. According to him, Microsoft will reduce the time between the launch of new versions of operating systems (Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox) to 6-8 months. Major updates will be released at intervals of 1-2 years. Windows Phone 8.2 will appear in 8-10 months.

One of the new features in this version will allow users to provide a password for people from the group Inner Circle (the inner circle). This password will allow them to send messages to be received even if the phone is in Do Not Disturb (do Not disturb). But if the sound messages is disabled, the password will allow you to overcome this ban. Thus, important messages are not missed. Moreover, if a person from the Inner Circle three times in a row will call the subscriber enabled Do Not Disturb, in the end he will be able to reach him.

In future version will add support for other services for video calls (besides Skype), and users will be able to install third-party apps for text messages (SMS). also added that Facebook will be deleted from notification center, and Microsoft will try to overcome the difference between Google and Bing.

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