a memory Card of a new generation begin to displace microSD

By | 10.12.2018

The memory card of the new generation begin to displace microSD

Community of electronic engineers industry, JEDEC developed and adopted a new standard for flash cards 1.0 UFS Card Extension. Samsung taking part in its creation, showed the first samples of the new media. In the short term, they can displace the usual memory card standard microSD, widely used in mobile devices.

Карты памяти нового поколения начинают вытеснять microSD

In the standard basis is the technology of Vertical NAND. Three-dimensional structure of a flash memory increases by several times the recording density per unit area. In order to achieve competitive prices, the standard has been simplified compared to UFS 2.0.

The maximum speed of read and write cards leave standard UFS 530 MB/s and 170 MB/s respectively, which is several times higher than microSD cards. Speed characteristics a new removable media can be compared to solid state drives. Themselves to removable storage UFS in the sale yet, but standard support is implemented in devices Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

The first version of the standard dates back to 2011, and in September 2013 was adopted version 2.0 for embedded drives. In February 2016, Samsung introduced the UFS chips with capacity of 256 GB. Performance these drives outperform SSD drives with SATA interface.

Card UFS is not compatible with microSD. They have the same size – 11 to 15 mm, but on one of the sides of the card UFS is the characteristic protrusions in the form of fins, and the contacts are arranged differently. However, Samsung said it is developing a universal slot. External card UFS is comparable in speed with built-in modules and, in the opinion of the company, will inevitably displace microSD.

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