a manual to improve Internet speed on computer

By | 10.12.2018

Instruction to improve Internet speed on computer

Often have to deal with the situation when the Internet on your home computer is working very slowly. Special inconvenience it gives while listening to music or watching movies online, and also when you try to download a file of a relatively large volume.

If you are tired of constantly put music and films on pause to give them the opportunity to be recognized, but large files to be downloaded a day or two, then read about how to get «slow Internet» to run faster.

What is the speed of

The Internet speed is increased with the speed of translating data provider. Usually this value is measured in kilobits or megabits. One bit is the smallest unit of information.

Assume that your provider offers a rate of 256 Kbps (kilobits per second). How to understand that giving these figures in practice? Converting kilobits to kilobytes, knowing that 1 bit = 8 bytes.

We find that this provider allows you to load a capacity of 32 kbps. For example, to download a normal song in MP3 format (3 MB) it will take approximately 1 minute 36 seconds. This result is far from satisfactory.

What it depends on

It turns out that a good and fast Internet depends not only on provider, plan, or modem. The speed of the connection is determined by a number of different reasons.

Among them:

  • bandwidth provider;
  • a busy line;
  • features of hosting and the quality of the connection;
  • the geographical remoteness of the website;
  • the faulty hardware (cable, modem, PC accessories, etc.)

Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

Often possible to observe a picture: speed feed, then again becomes high enough, depending on the time of day. The more computers open a particular page, the longer time it will take to download.

Often it happens that one site opens fast and the other slow: this is because at any point of the globe is the server and how the new use hosting.

What can be reduced?

To substantially reduce may be several reasons.

Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

The most common:

  1. viruses and spyware;
  2. network congestion;
  3. a clogged browser cache;
  4. a lot of open tabs;
  5. constantly updated application;
  6. pop-up ads on the sites.
  7. sharing features Wi-Fi;
  8. problem with router;
  9. incorrect configuration of the network adapter;
  10. obsolete «stuffing» of the computer;
  11. limitations of the provider.

Methods of increasing the speed of the Internet

Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

There is a wide variety of measures that can be taken to improve the quality of the Internet connection:

  • to check and clean your computer from viruses;
  • to clear the cache of the browser;
  • not to keep open many tabs at the same time;
  • to monitor which programs request traffic;
  • to use a less congested Wi-Fi channel;
  • to update the firmware of the modem and the router;
  • to fix the problem in the network adapter;
  • to diagnose and change components of the computer (processor, RAM, video card).

Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

Pop-up in a large number of advertising banners too slow. To get rid of most of them, you can use the Kaspersky Internet Security settings which allow you to hide almost all of Internet advertising and thereby significantly increase the speed of the connection.

After checking the possible causes and eliminating the associated problems, can significantly improve the quality of the connection. Often to bring the speed to the maximum, these measures make sense to add a tariff change or even provider.

Video: Improve Internet

To test the network and equipment

Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

What devices can affect the speed of home Internet?

  • network adapter (network card, fee);
  • router (router);
  • splitter (if you are connected to Internet via DSL using a phone line).

In addition to the devices, you also need to check the network state and various external conditions that affect the signal quality.

Such conditions include:

  • the discrepancy between the actual speed with that declared by the provider;
  • conflicting signals (when using wireles router);
  • exhausted of traffic;
  • problems from the provider;
  • too many devices in the home network;
  • weather conditions (only affect the signals of satellite Internet).

    Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

Test and compare the speed

To diagnose the problem and seek ways to solve it, you need to check the actual speed of connection on your computer.

Currently, there are numerous sites where it is possible to perform the check. To find them simply using any search engine. Some program-testers are asked to download and install certain plugins on the computer.

It is advisable to do several different tests and determine the average, as different programs will likely not give the same result.

Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

At different times of the day the same provider may supply a different quality of Internet connection. This is due to the fact how many users are currently querying the same file on the server. And the more you have, the slower the Internet.

Choose a test time when the network is not too loaded. In addition, when choosing a server to check give preference to that which is located closer to you geographically. All of this ensures a more accurate result.

Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

Comparing the actual speed stated, remember that providers don’t tell you the average speed at a particular rate, and the maximum possible – one that is achieved in the absence of different kinds of boundary conditions, which was explained in detail above.

In addition, in the case of «unlimited» Internet service providers some restrictions apply: the exhaustion of the monthly limit means a significant reduction in the speed of modern communications.

If you want to increase the Internet speed on the modem, then it makes sense to see other rates (most likely there are more profitable, but they are not widely advertised) on the website of your provider and competitors in your region.

Rebooting the router

Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

Often a reboot of this device allows you to fix all the problems with the Internet connection as slow or even interrupted the connection.

Power off the router. To do this, click on it or, in the absence of such from your model, remove the power plug from the outlet.

Wait 30-60 seconds and again turn on the device. Usually should go a short time until the restoration of all connections, then it will be a noticeable result.

Conflicting signals

Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

If you use a wireless router, its correct operation can bring down the signals coming from other devices such as wireless camera or ordinary radio telephone.

To ensure the absence of conflicting signals, you should investigate and compare the frequency of your wireless router, camera and phone.

Wireless routers are divided into two main types:

  • 802.11 b, g and n (2.4 GHz);
  • 802.11 a (5.8 GHz).

Find out what type of router installed in your home. Then find out which frequency to operate the wireless camera and the phone with the base. If the frequency is 2.4 or 5.8 GHz, then, that these devices create conflicting signals for the router, and degrade Internet connection.

The distance between the devices

If you are using a router to share Wi-Fi, then the incoming signal is not always one and the same power. Sometimes it relaxes too the remote location of the computer and the router. You need to put these devices as close as possible to each other.

In some cases, helps position the router on the rise – for example, on the Cabinet.

Optimize PC and network

What actions to take to reduce the chance of dropping speed?

  • use reliable anti-virus program;
  • perform regular scanning;
  • remove extra toolbars on your browser
  • clean the cache;

    Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

  • update your browser or change to a more fast;
  • clean hard drive;
  • remove unnecessary, but consuming traffic programs;
  • update the firmware of the router (router);
  • change Wi-Fi channel.

Antivirus checking

The presence of viruses not only seriously threatens the security of your data and the entire system, but also significantly slow down the browser. The better protected your computer is, the better the connection to the network.

Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

Never install two antivirus at the same time – they will conflict with each other. It is better to choose one reliable and then 1-2 times a week they scan your computer for viruses.

Also check it for malware, adware, and spyware. To identify them, there are separate programs that can be installed in any quantity.

Cleaning the hard disk

If the hard disk of your computer cluttered with unnecessary files, it has a negative impact on the PC performance in General and on the speed of your Internet connection.

Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

Here are the steps you should take:

  • regularly defragment the hard drive (if your operating system does not do this automatically);
  • perform disk cleanup and delete temporary files.

In addition, the system partition of the hard drive must contain at least 15% free space for correct operation of all programs.

What consumes the traffic

There are a number of apps that request a lot of traffic, installing numerous updates almost daily.

Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

These include:

  • programs of instant messaging (ICQ, Skype, etc.);
  • torrent programs;
  • the Adobe products;
  • browsers;
  • some system programs.

In some cases, data usage is through infected software.

Verification can be done via the Command line, and disabling unnecessary programs through the task Manager. There are also special program (Process Killer, Process Hacker) to identify and to freeze activity «eaters of traffic».

Wi-Fi channel

If your home network two or more computers (e.g., PC, laptop or tablet) connected to the router to share Wi-Fi, there are sometimes problems with the connection. Especially when all devices are actively using the Internet.

Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

This is because the speed is divided equally: the more participants, the less each gets. To search for the least loaded channel, use the program inSSIDer or WiFi Scanner.

Update devices

The most common cause of «slow Internet» is the lack of RAM. Change it or install additional.

Also update your modem or router. Older models may not cope with the increased flow of traffic. Proven manufacturers: Netgear, D-Link, Cisco and Belkin.

Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

If you use the wired modem, it may make sense to replace it with a new one.

Use Ethernet and not Wi-Fi. Connection with cables more reliable than wireless and less conflict with other devices in the house.


Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

If your home network multiple devices connected to the Internet, then you are using a router, not a modem.

The router (or the router) is a computer networking device that forwards signals between various network elements and enable their communication.

To improve connection speed it is recommended to periodically upgrade the firmware of the router. This can be done independently or with the assistance of a specialist.

Home PC

Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

As fast devices, all tasks are performed better, upgrade and care for your PC also allows you to increase the Internet speed on the modem.

Personal computer at your home needs periodic updating components, removing junk files and regularly check for viruses and other malware.

These simple but effective actions subject to regular perform them allow first to improve the quality of the computer.

Video: Optimize registry and speed of the Internet

Improve Internet speed in Windows XP and 7

Remember that all the «magic» of the program to increase the speed of the connection several times – this is a common cheat, and download them is not worth it. In the best case, such a program only prediagnostic problems but not solve them.

How do improve speed in Windows XP:

  • open the start menu, then control Panel – System – Hardware – device Manager;

    Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

  • to open the View – Show hidden devices. The list will display the device QoS;
  • Start – Run. In the open line type the command gpedit.msc click «OK»;

    Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

  • a window will open Group policy, choose computer Configuration – Administrative templates – Network – Manager пакетовQoS;

    Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

  • in the right pane, a list will appear – select Limit backup bandwidth;
  • the window that POPs up tick Enabled and set the value to 0%.

To improve speed in Windows 7:

  • go to start – All programs – accessories – Run.
  • choose computer Configuration – Administrative templates – Network – QoS packet Scheduler.
  • select Limit reservable bandwidth.

    Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

  • to enable the option below to put a 0 value
  • click «OK» to restart the computer.

    Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

If you are tired of «slow Internet», you can find plenty of ways to improve its quality. For this you need to get rid of excess or unwanted programs, optimize your browser and improve the performance of all devices: external (modem, router, splitter, various cables) as well as stuffing of the PC.Инструкция по улучшению скорости интернета на компьютере

Don’t forget to regularly run diagnostics and antivirus cleaning often to test connection speeds and to be aware of the best tariff plans offered by service providers.

Then will not have to experience the inconvenience of too slow Internet.

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