a Laptop with a glossy or matte screen? Which of the two is more suitable for you?

By | 10.12.2018

A laptop with a glossy or matte screen? Which of the two is more suitable for you?

How to choose a model with a glossy or matte display? This is one of the biggest dilemmas when choosing a laptop. And although this is not as important as, say, the choice of individual hardware settings or the battery capacity, it can be important in the long run. Especially if you plan to use your mobile computer for such tasks in which the question of the intensity and quality of flowers on display is of great importance (for example, editing digital images). Or if you just want to work on your laptop in the open air and direct sunlight.

In these and some other possible scenarios, the image on the glossy screen will be radically different from that on the matte display. So let’s look at the specific features of each of the two types of screens and weigh the pros and cons of each to make your choice a bit easier.

Than similar?

In practice, and glossy and matte screens use the same types of LCD panels. The only real difference between the two is the coating that is applied to the display. And because the manufacturers know that the best cover is de facto not there, they continue to produce models with both a glossy and a matte finish.

What is the difference?

A glossy display will offer higher contrast and more vivid colors. The image on these screens looks more saturated and intense, and the black color is more dense and deep. Unfortunately, the image quality they provide in a controlled environment. Exposed to direct sunlight (or any other strong s of light such as fluorescent lighting) glossy surface creates a very unpleasant reflections that disturb the eyes and in some cases to work with the device becomes impossible.

Ноутбук с глянцевым или матовым экраном? Какой из двух больше подходит вам?

On the other hand the matte screens have a special anti-reflective coating which eliminates this problem. Even under direct sunlight or in a brightly lit enclosed space such displays provide a comfortable work. The lack of matte coating is that it mutes the colors and makes them less bright and saturated.

Which of the two types is best for you?

This is actually the most important question you must answer before making the decision to purchase a particular model of laptop. It should be borne in mind several important considerations.

For example, today all (or almost all) of the hybrid model computers (such as Lenovo Yoga series) are equipped with glossy displays. The reason is that their screens are protected by a special coating (usually tempered glass Gorilla Glass), which is itself a reflective surface. So if you want to buy a device with a universal design and ability to use as a classic laptop and tablet, most likely you will have to accept the fact that its display is brilliant.

This, of course, not a problem if you intend to use the device mostly indoors with dim light, where the glossy display will be able to «reward» you with a beautiful, bright and vivid colors that are pleasing to the eye.

Ноутбук с глянцевым или матовым экраном? Какой из двух больше подходит вам?

However, if you want to be outdoors in the company of your laptop, of course, it is better to bet on a model with a matte screen. Yes, the picture it won’t look so much contrast and saturated, but even in conditions of strong sunlight or artificial light, even the tiny text, for example, will be clearly visible and easily legible.

Ultimately the main thing that you must consider when choosing should be how and for what tasks you intend to use the laptop. It would be logical if you check any model in certain scenarios: for example, if you plan to use the device to edit photos, upload some pictures and see how they look under different lighting conditions.

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