a Guide to setting router d link dir 620

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Setup manual router d link dir 620

Configuring and connecting the router D LINK DIR 620 – a simple matter, even with low awareness about such procedures. Acquiring or planning to acquire such a device, you can not run to the master and undertake all necessary actions are worth considering in more detail.

Features of the router

Руководство по настройке роутера d link dir 620

Unlike earlier models, D LINK DIR 620 has a number of advantages, which will be useful to know for each:

  1. the introduction of more advanced systems allowed to increase the speed limit to 300 MB/s;
  2. a number of connectors are used to connect the scanner, servers, network printer, desktop computer, hard disk, and much more.
  3. one of the main advantages – the ability to work with mobile Internet, companies are Beeline, MegaFon, MTS and other.

The initial setup of the router D-Link DIR-620

You must place the router in the appropriate place. Avoid places where moisture and humidity, inaccessible and not affected in everyday life, whatever the device is not subjected to mechanical stress.

To connect the device to a network, with use of an adapter, which does not tolerate failures surges.

The inclusion of the router

To enable, you need to connect the router to the network. To do this, connect the network adapter. The end of the cable should be inserted in the appropriate socket on the rear panel of the router.

Connected to the computer

Руководство по настройке роутера d link dir 620

On the back of the router, you can see 6 sockets. One of the first four connected the cable that connects the router with a network card of a desktop computer. The next nest, the fifth, with the following inscription «Internet», used to connect a network cable, which will provide Internet access to the router.

So, to continue your settings, do the following:

  1. stick a cable network connection in the appropriate cell;
  2. one of the first four to connect the cable from the computer.

Input into the settings

The entrance to the settings of the router should be the easiest to implement through the interface existing browser, such as Internet Explorer, which is installed by default on all computers running the Windows operating system.

  1. In the address bar of the opened browser you should enter a set of numbers:;
  2. in the resulting window you will be prompted to enter a username and password. Enter the username:admin and password:admin;
  1. then, You will see a message that You will be encouraged to change the password, as at the moment it is standard and does not perform protective functions;
  2. enter a new password, confirm it and click «Save»;

Руководство по настройке роутера d link dir 620

  1. with a new menu appears in data entry, after repeating the action item number 2, taking into account the change the password, You get into the router settings.


To implement the reset to factory defaults in case You did anything wrong in the settings or something, use the «Reset» button, which can be found in the right portion of the rear panel of the router. It is signed.

To rearm, do the following:

  1. click to any elongated object such as a needle or a match;
  2. to hold about 20-30 seconds the button is pressed;
  3. you should wait a reboot of the router, which is to be carried out within 2-3 minutes.

Reset to factory settings implemented, and you can continue to work with the router.

Video: how to update the firmware

Check and install new firmware

At the moment, the most correct version of the firmware is version 1.2.26. If you are using firmware version 1 0 0, you should upgrade. However, the firmware 1 0 6 for wifi router, as well, will not be suitable, as it is outdated and has some bugs.

Go to the settings, as described above, it should be:

  1. choose the tab «Start» menu located in the upper left corner;
  2. in the table, find the column «firmware Version»;
  3. if there is a version that You would like, you can continue working, if not, then:
  • go to the tab «System»;
  • then select the item «Update»;
  • from the list, select the downloaded firmware, which will be established;
  • a few minutes of waiting and the firmware installed.

To check the firmware you should use the above suggested method.

Configuring Wi-Fi

In order to make a Wi-Fi setup, you should:

  1. go to settings, method which was proposed earlier;
  2. find the tab with the appropriate name – «Wi-Fi» and open it;
  3. go to the sub-item «General settings» and set a tick in «Enable wireless connection»;
  4. next, open the «Basic settings» and then in the SSID register the name of You wireless network.
  5. go to the tab «security Settings». You need to set «Network authentication», together with the WPA encryption in the «encryption Key PSK» enter the password that will be required when connecting to the network. It is better to record.

Руководство по настройке роутера d link dir 620

Saving settings

In addition to saving the settings after they are entered, provided that the corresponding button on some routers you have the option of saving settings to the medium, for later upload in the case of rejection or failure.

How to configure IPTV through a router ZYXEL KEENETIC START? The response further.

To do this, go to «System settings» of the router. Find the tab «Restore» or «Return», which will contain a button that allows you to do this. Settings are saved in a special file on the hard disk in the place where You specify. Now, when it starts, You will be able to carry out appropriate setting of the router without much effort.

Configuring connection to the Internet

To configure the network, you must perform the following actions, previously going into the settings of the router, as described above.

And perform the following actions in the settings menu located in the upper left corner:

  1. go to the tab «Network»;
  2. then, click on the «Connection» which is located under the tab;
  3. in the main area you need to find the «Add» button and click on it, then menu opens the add network;

Руководство по настройке роутера d link dir 620

  1. should carry out the settings according to the given image;
  2. after the introduction, you must save the changes;
  3. now, when the network added, you need to set it as the default gateway. For this there is a special column where there is the possibility of placing a marker.

The creation of Rroe connections for Home ru

This provider, like a House.PY, is fairly common, therefore, to set up a similar connection should be considered in private:

  1. go to the menu «start» -> «control Panel»;
  2. next, in the «Managing network and sharing»;
  3. in the lower pane, select «Configure a new connection or network»;

Next a window appears in which you:

  1. select the item «Internet Connection»;
  2. after clicking «Next», you may see another window if the connection is already established. You need to select «still create a new connection» and select «No, create new connection»;
  3. select «high speed connection»;
  4. now, in the fields «username» and «Password», enter the data that You got from your ISP. To process will take some time;
  5. processing is complete, you can press the button «Proceed to overview».

The connection is completed.

Configuring the router dir 620 Rostelecom

In order to configure a connection to a provider Rostelecom, you must do the following, somewhat different from the connection to the House.ru:

  1. you must click the «Windiws+R» in the window that appears you must enter ncpa.cpl. This will open the network connections list;
  2. now choose the one connected to the router and open its Properties by clicking right mouse button and selecting the appropriate item;
  3. you will be offered a list of components from which to choose «Internet Protocol version 4 TCP/IPv4» and go into its properties;
  4. now we should install automatically obtain IP and DSN, if it is not installed.

Руководство по настройке роутера d link dir 620

It should be noted that to enable this connection is not necessary, since it automatically starts the router. To configure pptp, in this case, just happens automatically. Therefore, when starting the computer, the Internet would only be on one device and the router, in fact, will do nothing.

Connection to Beeline network

Beeline, in addition to 3g and 4g Internet provides the opportunity to use the Internet, which as well has its own characteristics when you customize:

  1. you need to go to the «Setup new connection or network». How to do the above;
  2. choose «Connect to a workplace»;
  3. next, click on «Use my Internet connection (VPN)». If there is a window with settings, then click «configure later»;
  4. in the «Internet address» and «destination Name» should be fit «tp.internet.beeline.ru» and «Beeline», respectively, thus omitting the quotation marks. To check the «don’t connect now…» and click «Next»;
  5. in the provided fields login and password should be entered the data that was provided by your ISP for the connection from the user, click «Create» and close the window;
  6. you must now go to the «Change adapter settings» which is located in the same place and «Setup a new connection or network», but in the upper left corner;
  7. find the connection that we just created and go to its properties. Move to the tab «Settings»;
  8. in front of the option «Include Windows logon domain», remove the check mark;
  9. go to the tab «Security» and choose «VPN — L2TP IPSec VPN» and put a check next to «password authentication Protocol CHAP».

Setup is complete, you can start the connection. When the system makes an inquiry to the location, select «Public place».

Setting local IP addresses (DHCP)

Руководство по настройке роутера d link dir 620

To do this, go to the properties of «Internet Protocol version 4 TCP/IPv4» how to do it described above. In the appropriate fields the IP addresses and MAC addresses to enter the necessary data. Most often, it is for the IP and for the Mask. Save, close the window.

Configuring IPTV

  1. For proper operation, you must set the dynamic IP and Mask addresses;
  2. after this, you should download the client program, which can be easily found on the Internet;
  3. run the downloaded file and follow the instructions in the installer who will perform all the necessary actions for You;

However, some service providers complicate the process, but more info should be found on the website of the provider.

Using these basic instructions, You can easily customize just purchased the router and begin the journey through the Internet today! Good luck!

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