a Guide for installing Windows 7 on MacBook

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Guide to install Windows 7 on MacBook

Long time experts in the field of computer technology note the priority of Apple in the development of personal computers.

Since the mid 70-ies of the last century until today, Apple competes with IBM in the creation of computers. The old their computers are called «Macs», despite the fact that the real Macintosh already represents Museum value.

Their technical solutions shamelessly copying the eminent manufacturers. Mac reliable and functional. At the same time the Windows operating system more familiar, so some users may need to install Windows 7 on MAC OS.

Popularity of Apple computers

The main differences development of Apple:

  • «closed» architecture;
  • high reliability and ease of use;
  • experience with graphics and printing;
  • the leader of innovations in the computer industry.

The MacBook belongs to the family of popular laptops development of Apple. A MacBook latest version features the functionality, compactness and quiet operation. Strike dimensions: thickness about 13 mm, weight up to 1 kg. the Developers were able to abandon the use in the construction of fans, to create a new motherboard with high density of elements.

Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

Keyboard has a high stability of the locking mechanism is pressed, the keys are individually backlit. Retina display with a diagonal of 13” extremely thin displays with high resolution. Panel touchpad is very sensitive to the touch, able to distinguish the degree of pressure control. Increased battery capacity through optimized hull design.

Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

Aluminum parts create a strong and reliable mechanism for fixing the rotating part of the housing. The new USB type-C for charging, playback video and audio, transfer of data allows also to provide the stated geometric parameters products.

Two ways to install

There are two methods of installation: through Boot Camp by Apple and using VM Virtualbox.

Boot Camp offers the user the following sequence of operations installation of the Windows environment:

  • breakdown of hard disk partitions;
  • creating a CD image of a disk with drivers;
  • the initial setup of the system.

    Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

Machine virtualbox emulates the operation of:

  • BIOS;
  • RAM;
  • hard drive;
  • peripherals.

Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

For computers designed for the Windows platform used to install another system other than MAC OSX. The program is free.

Install Windows 7 on MAC OS X using Boot Camp

Installation requirements:

  • the hardware platform needs to have a connection with the Internet;
  • use the administrator account OS X to access the program «Boot Camp Assistant»;
  • have a working keyboard, mouse, trackpad;
  • must be available 2 GB or more RAM 30 GB or more disk space for initial installation of Windows to upgrade earlier versions of Windows will need 40 GB;
  • required installation disc for Microsoft Windows when you install via the built-in or external DVD drive;
  • you may need a USB drive with capacities ranging from 8 GB to install the drivers.

What do you need?

Required for installation:

  1. processor 32-bit (64-bit) with a clock frequency of not lower than 1 GHz;
  2. RAM from 2 GB (1 GB) to 64 (32) bit system;
  3. the hard disk space of 20 GB for 64-bit (32-bit) system;
  4. device DirectX 9 with the driver.

System update

Install Windows 7 as a rule, requires version 4 of the «Boot Camp Assistant» (ICA) on 32-bit platform and version 5 for 64-bit platforms. Update Boot Camp to install the latest Windows drivers for your Mac.

This can be done in two ways:

  • in «Boot Camp Аssistant» note «Download the latest Windows support software from Apple»;

    Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

  • download the required programs through the web the Apple support site. For Boot Camp 5.1 requires OSX Mountain Lion version 10.8.3 or later.

Entrance into the program of the ICA may require knowledge of an account with administrator privileges.

Video: Put Windows 7 on a Mac

Installation steps

The installation is lengthy and will require a connection to the source adapter. We believe that a full install of the updates produced. Seven requires the use of the file system is NTFS.

First delete all the disks with smaller rooms, if installing on the first disk.

After performing the OS installation disks data can be restored. If you experience problems installation, use disk utilities restore and erase data from re-running ICA.

Installation order:

  1. to find the utility of ICA;

    Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

  2. insert the installation disc and select the program the ICA the item «Start installation»;

    Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

  3. select «Disk0 Partition3 BOOT CAMP»;
  4. choose the drive options using the option «Drive options (advanced)»;

    Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

  5. click «Format» and disk will be formatted with NTFS;

    Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

  6. select full installation on the proposal of the program;
  7. after reboot adjust the Windows configuration on the relevant screens.

    Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

To install the OS using VirtualBox

To install you need to download a program file and run on the computer.

The installation of the program

Installing VirtualBox is performed when executing sequence 1-15:

  1. to run the installation file;
  2. to accept the licence agreement, click «Next»;

    Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

  3. go consistently on Windows, pressing the «Next» button, call the command «Install» and agree to the additional prompts to install the software;
  4. wait for the installation to complete and finish the process by clicking on «Finish»;

    Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

  5. proizvoditeli run the program by double clicking on the desktop shortcut;
  6. to start the wizard for creating a virtual machine (VM) by pressing the buttons «Create» and «Next» in the main window of the program.
  7. enter the name of the VM, under «OS Type» define values for the operating system «Microsoft Windows» and version «Windows 7»;

    Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

  8. determine the size of the RAM allocated to the VM, not less than 512 MB and more than 50% of the total memory size, or select the recommended size. Click «Next»;
  9. on the tab «Virtual hard disk» please check for a bootable virtual hard disk. Set the switch to «Create new hard disk». Click «Next»;

    Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

  10. choose «Dynamically expanding image» as the file type, because it initially takes up little space, and expands gradually. Proceed to the next section;

    Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

  11. to determine the locations of the installable virtual disk. Creates a default name that matches the VM name and the disk is the same where you installed the real Windows 7;
  12. set the size of the virtual hard disk. (The default is 20 GB.) Continue with the installation;

    Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

  13. click on «Finish» and get the VM ready to use;

    Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

  14. to configure VM to do this, go to the tab «Properties»;
  15. in the settings section to «Display» to set the amount of graphics memory available for a VM from 26 MB. Select the check boxes for 2D and 3D acceleration.

    Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

  16. from the list of «Media» to highlight the icon of a DVD disc.

Installation steps Windows

The installation can occur through the installation disc or ISO image. If you are installing using the installation disc, it should be inserted in the DVD drive, in the «Attributes» from the drop-down list, select «Drive», also select the check box for «Allow direct access».

Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

If there is an ISO image of the installation disk of the program, then graph the Attributes is populated via the «virtual media Manager» as follows:

  1. open Manager;
  2. click in the opened window, click «Add»;
  3. select «CD/DVD Images»;
  4. select the image file and run the command «Select»;
  5. to verify the presence of the image in the properties window, under «Media», the image file must be located behind the hard disk file is made virtual, click «OK».

    Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

Next you should go to the main window where you click «Start». At the appearance of the information Windows, press the «OK» button. On the virtual machine screen to click mouse and press «Capture». Further installing the OS on the VM is not different from a typical installation.

After the installation is complete, the program VirtualBox from run operating system. VM blocks the use of mouse and keyboard when used in the host environment. Switching between the Windows VM and the main OS is the host key is Right Control. If we exclude the capture of mouse and keyboard in the VM, you can use the mouse cursor in the virtual and the main operating systems and also have a shared clipboard. This requires using the menu «Device» VirtualBox machines to go to «Install guest Additions».

Руководство по установке Windows 7 на МакБук

In the pop-up AutoPlay, click «VBoxWindows Additions.exe» and follow the program settings.

To exit the VM by executing the following sequence of operations:

  • go to virtual machine select «Machine»;
  • next, go to the item «Close»;
  • go to the item off.

Start an installation of Windows 7 is the «Start» button of the main window of the program. To install Windows 7 on mac os is possible in two ways: by means of Boot Camp, showing the development of the Apple, and through a virtual machine VirtualBox. A more transparent installation is carried out by means of Boot Camp.

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