a Guide for installing Windows 7 from disk

By | 09.12.2018

Guide to install Windows 7 from disk

There are many reliable computer hardware and application programs. But still, sometimes there are various errors, leading to impossibility of the further operation of the system. In this case, there is a need to install Windows 7 on a PC yourself.

What you need to know before installing?

Before you begin installing Windows 7, you need to know the following:

  • during formatting, the previous installation is destroyed all the information on your hard drive (if it contains any important data, it is better to copy them to other media);
  • most distributions allow you to choose between 32-bit and 64-bit version of the OS is to stay better on the first, as almost all applications to date have developed it;
  • the minimum amount of memory required for the correct operation of Windows 7 – not less than 3 GB, with less RAM work will be difficult;
  • the minimum amount of memory necessary for comfortable work in the system is 128 MB. A smaller number would not allow to take full advantage of Windows 7;
  • preferably before you install make sure that you have the opportunity to leave 20 GB of free space for the location of the operating system;
  • different versions of Windows 7 has different hardware, so you need to verify that your PC settings queries the OS.

You should also be well versed with the Bios settings before you begin the installation process. As not very experienced users can result your computer in the off state, selecting the incorrect settings.

Video: a guide to Windows 7

Bios settings to install Windows

One of the most difficult operations for most users who decided to install Windows 7 operating system from the disk is to configure the Bios. In order to install the OS, you need to install under «boot order» first CD/DVD drive.

Руководство по установке Windows 7 с диска

To do this, will require, first and foremost, to get to the Bios. Conventional, stationary personal computers allow you to do this by pressing the Delete key on initial boot stage. Many laptops are like this by pressing F2 or F12.

Today, there are many different Bios versions, and setup each has its own specifics.

The most common Bios from the following manufacturers:

  • AMI;
  • Phoenix.

To install as the primary boot device CD/DVD drive in AMI, go to the section called Boot (this can be done using the buttons -> and <-). It would contain a paragraph called «1st boot device» – select the CD/DVD.

Bios from Phoenix is more confusion. Once in it, you can see two columns. In the first, you should find an option called «Advanced Bios Features». Going into it, you can see another list column – item «First Boot Device» allows you to set the primary boot device.

Руководство по установке Windows 7 с диска

There are also other Bios versions from the same manufacturers, configure them the same. Item names are also the same, differs only in formatting menus and lists.

Start the installation

If the Bios setup done correctly, you can proceed to install Windows 7. In the CD/DVD insert the CD with Windows and restart your computer.

Руководство по установке Windows 7 с диска

Most likely, PCs will provide the last opportunity to avoid a fresh OS install. After rebooting, the screen appears the following: «Press any key to boot from CD or DVD».

Pressing any key on the keyboard, the user agrees to start the installation of Windows. After that window will appear to the right filling the lane on which is the inscription «Windows is loading files» — Windows downloads files.

Руководство по установке Windows 7 с диска

When this stage is complete, the installation the Windows environment will give the opportunity to choose the desired language.


After extracting all the required files in the memory of the personal computer, the user will see the following selection window for language settings.

Руководство по установке Windows 7 с диска

It contains the following items:

  • set the language;
  • time format and currency;
  • keyboard layout (input method).

After selecting all required options, you can safely press the next button and continue installation.


When the select language settings complete, you will need to read the license, and put a check mark at the bottom of the page confirms the user’s agreement with all her points.

Руководство по установке Windows 7 с диска

If the user does not agree with license agreement, installation is not possible.

Installation type

After reading the section of the license agreement, you can proceed directly to configuring the settings. You should select the type of installation that will be used.

The choice of the user, two options are available:

  • full installation;
  • update.

Руководство по установке Windows 7 с диска

Full installation involves a new installation of the operating system. When you select this option, all previously installed programs and OS will not be saved. Also, when you select the full installation has the ability to reorganize the drives, install with formatting.

The update allows you to save all previously installed software and operating system.

To install a new OS you should select the option called «Full install».

Select the partition and format it

After been selected «Complete install», you can proceed to the selection section, where it will be implemented. Also partition can be formatted by the system.

It should be done by pressing the inscription «setting the disc». In the opened window, you will not only format the drive before installing, but also break it down into sections smaller.

Руководство по установке Windows 7 с диска

To break a large disk into partitions, it is desirable if its size is not less than 250 GB. The best option would be the following proportions: 50 GB of disk space allocated to system partition (where OS is installed), the remaining 200 GB reserved for other purposes – installing third-party programs, storing files.

Руководство по установке Windows 7 с диска

After formatting and partitioning the required number of sections finished, press the next button.

Installation progress

If all previous operations were completed successfully, the system will start the installation after clicking «Next».

Руководство по установке Windows 7 с диска

The whole process consists of several stages, all of them are displayed on the screen:

  1. copying files;
  2. unpacking;
  3. installation of components;
  4. installation of updates;
  5. the completion of the installation.

Usually the process takes no more than 10-15 minutes of time.

Configuring system settings

When the installation process is completed, the operating system will offer to carry out initial configuration.

They include:

  • formation account (with administrator rights);

    Руководство по установке Windows 7 с диска

  • the choice of security policy;

    Руководство по установке Windows 7 с диска

  • select the time zone and configure the clock itself;

    Руководство по установке Windows 7 с диска

  • select the type of network to which you will belong to a personal computer.

    Руководство по установке Windows 7 с диска

To work in Windows 7 must have a user record, it is created during the installation by typing the name and password of the user.

Configuring security policy is very important. When you select an item must be guided primarily about their own needs.

If the PC is used for the constant surf on the Internet, you should choose the recommended settings (first paragraph). In the case when the Internet and third party software is low, you can select at number two is to only install the important updates.

Immediately after installing the OS, you can select the timezone and configure the system clock. Interface that allows you to do it, is extremely simple and straightforward.

Руководство по установке Windows 7 с диска

Another section required to be setup for network environment a personal computer. Selecting one of them should be based on the type of network to which the connected PC.

After all the stages of installing the operating system was executed, it should again restart the computer. When the successful launch of the new OS will be implemented, we can safely proceed to install all the necessary software to configure the hardware.

It is important to consider some of the nuances when you perform a system installation. Special care should be taken to format the hard disk, as this can make some areas unavailable for use in the OS.

The installation of the OS from the CD-ROM is a simple operation (in contrast to installation from a USB drive or another system). Therefore, it is practiced by the majority of users.

Also much more convenient to buy the licensed version on disk in the store – this way you can avoid fraud and counterfeit goods.

It is advisable to use only licensed software distributions, otherwise the system stability cannot be guaranteed.

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