a Few tips for Skype users

By | 11.12.2018

A few tips for Skype users

Do you have Skype? Millions of users around the world to this question will answer «Yes.» Perhaps you are one of them, but do you use the maximum capacity of the program? Since it was bought by Microsoft in 2011, Skype is constantly improving. One of the recent useful innovations added by the company in its programme, is, for example, the ability to transfer messages from one language to another in real time – something that until recently seemed fantastic.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of users today daily run Skype to talk to colleagues, friends and relatives, not all of them use the rich and ever-expanding features of the program fully. In this short article are collected some useful tips that can expand your horizons and help you to work in Skype more effectively.

Re-editing posts

Несколько советов для пользователей Skype

One of the most useful features of Skype is the possibility of multiple edit already sent messages, if the sending was not more than 60 minutes. For most users this feature is known and they use it regularly. But sometimes we make mistakes and re-editing, and even at the third. If you do not want every time to click, right-click on the last sent message to edit it, you can do much easier. Simply press the «up arrow» on the keyboard, which acts as a shortcut key to activate the function «Edit message» and allows you to instantly open the last sent message in the field to enter text.

Backup contacts

You’re probably wondering why the need for such a feature in Skype, because all contacts are securely stored on the service servers. In fact, the possibility of local backup is another useful feature.

Skype allows you to create multiple accounts associated with alternative e-mail address. Thus, you can create one Skype account for work and another for informal communication, for example. And to transfer the contact list from one account to another just using the backup function, and very quickly and easily. To do this, click «Contacts» to choose the «Advanced» section and then «backup contact list».

Несколько советов для пользователей Skype

Skype export contacts to a file with the extension .vcf, which can then be imported to another account through the menu «Contacts» -> «Advanced» -> «Restore contact list from backup file». Just enter Skype to the place where you saved the list of contacts from another account, and the program will add all subscribers to a new profile.

Let no one know that you are typing slowly

Some users are somehow ashamed of their low skill with the computer keyboard or mobile device. And since Skype visualizes the process of writing each message animated pencil icon, this awkwardness in the correspondence process is enhanced even more. Fortunately, the pencil can be hidden. Log in to the settings menu of the Skype «Tools» -> «Settings» and then under «Chat and SMS» -> «chat Settings» uncheck the option «Show what I type».

Несколько советов для пользователей Skype

Notification by keywords

If you have to communicate with multiple users, you probably know that closely follow the three, four or more discussions quite difficult. The more conversations are carried out simultaneously, the greater the likelihood that one moment will be lost «the thread of the conversation». And when it comes to important business meetings, such a pass can cost you a lot. Fortunately, Skype offers an interesting option which can be extremely useful. It allows you to specify keywords that will automatically track and if any of them appear in the conversation, immediately you will be notified. To configure, open a chat window with the caller, then go to the menu «Conversations» -> «notification Settings» in the opened window, enter one or more keywords in the box to «Notify me only if the following words.»

Несколько советов для пользователей Skype

Disabling animations smileys

If colorful and dancing emoticons Skype are annoying, you can easily «freeze» them. To do this, open menu «Tools» -> «Settings» -> «im & SMS» and under «Visual design» disable display animated emoticons.

Несколько советов для пользователей Skype

Remove Skype from the taskbar

You couldn’t help but notice that after starting Skype is resident in the system tape Windows task (Taskbar). The Skype icon stays at the taskbar even when you close the window. If this behavior bothers you, you can disable it in the menu «Tools» -> «Settings» -> «Advanced». Uncheck the option «do Not remove Skype from the taskbar when I’m online». Now when you minimize the program window, the Skype icon will only be displayed in the system notification area.

Несколько советов для пользователей Skype

Adding to the chat users that are not subscribers to Skype

One of the newest and most useful features of Skype is the ability to add in any discussion of people who have never been users of the service. To do this, you must first create a discussion group. This is done with the help of special icons that you will find in the upper right corner of each window to exchange messages. Click it and add to the group of one or more subscribers. Then click again on the icon; the list of subscribers, you will see a brief section entitled «forgetting Someone?». Click on the link of joining of users in the profile, and then select the option «Create the link so everyone could join.»

Несколько советов для пользователей Skype

As soon as Skype will generate a link, send it to people you want to add to your discussion group. The link can be opened in any browser, and join with it to the conversation even without a Skype account.

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