a Few tips for beginners Windows Live Writer

By | 10.12.2018

Some tips for novice users of Windows Live Writer

If you are only familiar with the activity called blogging and are a Windows user, one of the best (if not the best) tools for blogging is Windows Live Writer from Microsoft (WLW) – although Word 2013 is also great for creating and posting to a blog. The program is available completely free and is part of the Microsoft Live Essentials.

In addition to WLW, the package contains another Live Mail, Messenger, Photo Gallery, OneDrive and Movie Maker. You can download it on the Microsoft website here.

Save your settings by default

Once you start working at WLW, you will want to configure everything according to your taste or depending on the needs of your site/blog.

Несколько советов для начинающих пользователей Windows Live Writer

For example, the app offers a lot of settings in the «picture tools». As soon as you insert an image and set its bounds, alignment and margin, don’t forget to click on the button to save these default settings. In the future it will make your work easier, if you’re going to blog with lots of images.

Disable auto replacement of emoticons

I don’t know why this option is enabled by default, but if you enter a text version of the emoticon, Live Writer will automatically replace it with graphics. Personally I do not like.

Несколько советов для начинающих пользователей Windows Live Writer

So to permanently disable this feature, go to menu «File edit» and uncheck the option «Replace text smileys graphical». Then click «OK».

Turn on the display of the number of words typed

Often in the blogosphere post requires a certain amount of words (for example, when you write a promotional article, for which you get paid on the basis of its volume). To help you keep track of it, WLW is able to count and display the number of words in real time.

Несколько советов для начинающих пользователей Windows Live Writer

To activate this feature, go to menu «File Settings» and enable «Show current stats in the status bar». Then click «OK».

After this number of words will be displayed in the lower right corner of the status bar.

These are just a few simple tips that can be useful.

If you are an experienced blogger, tell us in the comments about your favorite tools and techniques that you would recommend to beginners.

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