a Domain name SurfacePhone.com now owned by Microsoft

By | 10.12.2018

Domain name SurfacePhone.com now owned by Microsoft

Доменное имя SurfacePhone.com теперь принадлежит Microsoft

Recently, Microsoft is back in the smartphone segment with Windows 10 Mobile and new upscale models of the Lumia 950, 950 XL, but many tech publications are convinced that the new flagship smartphone will not wait too long.

The rumors that have been circulating for many months, saying Microsoft is readying a mobile device of the highest class, which currently bears the code name for the Surface Phone. Today it became known that the domain SurfacePhone.com now owned by software giant.

The fact that Microsoft owns the domain, it does not indicate that the company is actually working on such a smartphone. However, this fact reinforces the theory helpful, which rotates in the network for a long time.

Project Manager of Surface Panos Panay have already shared their ideas of uniting the design of all Microsoft products, so it is hardly surprising if near the end of this year we will see the evolution of smartphones Lumia Surface Phone.

By the way, Microsoft also owns such domains as surfacelaptop.com and surfacecar.com they all redirect to the official website of already known devices of Surface series. Laptop Surface we’ve seen. Now we wait for the car?

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