a Difficult year for tablets. A breath of fresh air for the segment PC

By | 11.12.2018

Tough year for tablets. A breath of fresh air for the segment of PC

Трудный год для планшетов. Глоток воздуха для сегмента ПК

The year is coming to an end, and so it is time to take stock. The benefit of Analytics companies are already preparing their reports, which give us a complete picture about the technology market.

According to IDC, the year 2014 was not very good for tablets, but the PC segment performed better than expected.

Tablet shipments in 2014 increased by 7.2%. Recall that in 2013 the percentage was 52.5. According to IDC, one of the main reasons is that Apple has announced the reduction of the supply of iPad, a trend that is maintained throughout the year.

On the other side are the supply of personal computers, although not out of the crisis, denied expectations – analysts had expected a decline of 3.7%, but this figure was 2.7%. The main reason that stopped a powerful impetus to the tablets, is very simple and logical – just users change these devices are not so common.

«Initially, we thought that the cycle of tablets will resemble that of smartphones – replace every 2-3 years,» said Ryan Reith of IDC. «In the end it turned out that many users use their tablets for 3 or 4 years».

IDC expects global tablet shipments in 2014 reached 235.7 million units, of which 67.7% are running Android. After them the tablets with iOS (27.5%), and on the third position – models with Windows (4.6%).

The year has been difficult for Apple. The company announced that sales of the iPad fell 14%. Many people buy a new tablet, give an old family and friends. We should not lose sight of the fact that Apple did not go to too drastic changes in the last models, which could push consumers to buy them. We should not forget that the people who wanted a tablet, it is already there, and competition is becoming more serious.

PC shipments reached 306.7 million in 2014. Western European and Japanese markets exceeded analysts ‘ expectations, but the good news is a breath of fresh air, and not a sign of revival of the industry.

«Best revival associated with users who have spent enough on smartphones and tablets in recent years, and now decided that now is the time to upgrade and the computer,» explains IDC. Analysts argue that users, especially in emerging markets, are increasingly likely to choose hybrid, and mobile devices, and it will continue to harm the PC segment, which soon will be supported entirely through replacement, and the potential for growth will be minimal.

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