7 settings Microsoft Word that will help simplify your work

By | 10.12.2018

7 Microsoft Word settings that will simplify your work

A huge number of users of Microsoft Office Word do not open the settings in Word after installation or upgrade, being sure the ideal set by the developers settings. However, some customizations of Microsoft Word would be the way to change for convenience. This will be written below.

Themes Word

In version 2016, there are three themes. The traditional background of the text editor is white. A more recent topic called «Different colors» allows the user to navigate, when running at the same time several programs.

Dark gray color designed rather to increase the contrast of some parts of the interface. This design is perfect for people with low vision or strain eyes.

7 настроек Microsoft Word, которые помогут упростить вашу работу

People working at a computer or laptop at different times of day and under different lighting. Each user should try a dark gray color in everyday situations. This background may be more convenient for many users.

This setting is located in the «General» tab settings in Microsoft Word


7 настроек Microsoft Word, которые помогут упростить вашу работу

AutoCorrect is useful in some situations, such as those listed below:

  1. Reduction of names of legal persons, the initials of individuals complicated terms.
  2. Correcting model errors associated with lack of knowledge of Russian language, personal features of print and also, for the avoidance of double spelling. For example, Microsoft Office Word and take a «mattress» and «mattress», but the user can choose any one of them at its discretion.
  3. Immediate Deposit of some mathematical terms or symbols. For example, to the user constantly looking for the club to refer to degrees Celsius, you can enter AutoCorrect.

This option can be found under the tab «Proofing» your text editor.

The requirement for the letter «e»

Connoisseurs of the Russian language, there are often some disagreements about individual provisions. For example, there are disputes about the words of English origin, determining the kind of a number of nouns, and the need for the use of the letter «e» on the letter.

According to «Diploma.ru» the letter «e» must be used and mandatory only in a few cases. The rest is a matter of taste of each person. Many people prefer to use this letter, but on the keyboard to reach to the top left corner is not always convenient, and people often miss it in a hurry.

To like this happened, set in the tab «Spelling» of the Word options.

7 настроек Microsoft Word, которые помогут упростить вашу работу


For example, the user types with an average speed of 400 characters per minute. Then in 15 minutes you can print 6000 characters, which is pretty decent. To lose such a text would be a shame. In this case, the user can use a very convenient AutoSave feature, for example, to configure the AutoSave text every 15 minutes.

During the printing of the text can be different problems. For example, discharged the laptop will drop the flash drive, turn off the lights, and so forth.

Set a short AutoSave interval time, e.g. 3 minutes. Then you can completely protect yourself from the risk of losing your work. And no need to worry about that at the moment of AutoSave Word will be heavily strapped – is left behind.

It is also desirable to mention save the latest version of AutoSave after closing without saving.

To install the fonts

Of course, Microsoft Office Word is not the perfect software to develop graphic layouts. Despite this templates and this program systematically used to create posters, letters, and other. In this case, it introduced a special decorative fonts that underline the basis of the style of work. But here comes one thing: the font is likely not installed those to whom they are addressed, and Microsoft Office will replace it with similar when starting the document. This can ruin the entire layout. To avoid this, you need to enable font embedding in the document in the case where the user needs to bother with such frills.

This setting can be found in the «Saving» of the settings editor.

The values of the new document

It is not clear what developers like Microsoft Calibri 11, but just this small font is the default for files in Microsoft Office Word. Hardly anyone would argue that it is a defect in Microsoft Office Word. It systematically takes time, many users of the program.

7 настроек Microsoft Word, которые помогут упростить вашу работу

However, there is no problem to correct this lack of font options, which can be reached by Ctrl+D. Then it is necessary to choose the appropriate values of the font and in the bottom left corner click «default», confirm the decision, thus appointing the settings for future texts of the Normal template.

In this way it is possible to edit also the meaning of the paragraph. For example, the indentation after the first line or the spacing between lines.

Automatic switch of keyboard language

For anybody not a secret that a huge number of users by carelessness, haste or some other reasons for starting to write in another language. Often the user is gaining quite an impressive amount of text before noticing that he wrote not in the language. The option to automatically change the keyboard layout depending on the language surrounding the text fully protects users from this trouble.

You need to check to the layout in each subsequent document was switched to the Cyrillic alphabet (we need Russian localization of office Suite). When you print to an existing file, the input language is the same that applies to the current paragraph.

Thus, changing just a few settings can save the user a lot of time and prevent you from many inconveniences.

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